Friday, July 19, 2013

I Want to Go Back to a Time...


Do you find yourself as you travel across this beautiful country wondering if you're having a bad dream? Everything LOOKS normal, but NOTHING feels the same at all.

Doesn't it seem like the crumbling of the foundations of our Republic should be evident in the faces and the places you see as you drive along and conduct your business?

Does the urge ever come to you in a crowd of people to yell out and ask everyone if they realize that their country is on the edge of a cliff and about to go over into a totalitarian state where all is dark and gloomy?

Do you ever look at the sky and think that the dreams you had as a kid laying on your back watching the clouds go by would end in a nightmare called Washington, D.C.?

Sometimes I want to weep when I see what is happening to us, other times I am angry and righteously indignant.

I think we are being abused in every possible way by those we have trusted to lead us. Like any person in an abusive situation, our frustrations are many, our bruises show at some times and not at others--we look for ways to cover how we are really feeling, what we really think. We rage into our pillows at God and ask him why.

We imagine ways to throw off the chains of our captor and safely escape. Liberty is all we want. To be left alone is all we want. We wonder when our abuser will tire of his games and endless battles to rob us of our freedoms: will it take a strength greater than his? Will it require us to "stand OUR ground"? We plan, we watch, we look for our path of escape. Sometimes it looks absolutely hopeless, and whisper a plea to God for a way to breathe, think, and talk freely again.

Yes, abuse, America is being sorely abused.

And we remember the good America we knew when we were younger and more innocent and pray with all our hearts that our children and grandchildren will know what being carefree means; to know that "American Honey".

A Restless Patriot