Monday, March 19, 2012

My New Friends...

While I was in Alabama, week before last, I tore myself away from my cute little grand babies and was finally able to connect with the beautiful and delightful Sandie, of Steadman's Corner Blog fame.

Sandie has an absolutely adorable blog you would want to visit:  full of vintage finds Sandie puts together and displays with aplomb, a place full of eye-candy I always enjoy visiting very much!  

And there was a bonus...!

Sandie brought along her friend Angie, and she is also beautiful and cheerful and was so much fun!  We met up at an antique store Candlelight Antiques in Elkmont, Alabama, and shopped until our hearts were content! 

Then Sandie took us to another little antique mall where her parents have a booth full of adorable vintage finds that Sandie helps them to display.  There's nothing we like better than looking through the castaways and finding ourselves a little treasure or two.  Or three.  Or four.  Heh.  

We then when to a restaurant called "The Snack Shack"...and GIRL...we had some good southern vittles for lunch.  It was a vegetable plate with field peas, fried okra, and a couple other goodies we chose, but the highlight of lunch was our heaped-up plate of FRIED PICKLES!  Oh, man were they good, my mouth is watering now.

We had the nicest visit during lunch and found that we all have a lot in common and we laughed and talked like old friends.  What fun!

After lunch, we visited another antique mall and laughed even more, harder than was probably polite, but oh, those girls are funny!

I had to share some pictures I took of "The Shack" ... the interior was something that was so detailed we had to take time to look to notice all the details of this "re-purposed" restaurant interior.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the restaurant was the reused doors that were everywhere, and they were all colors, all textures.  

The doors separated the booths.

On one side of the restaurant, the booths sat below a canopy of beautiful brackets with a tin roof.   We were told that the brackets here came from an antique carousel.

Doors lead you to and let you into the restrooms...

Old tin and old wood were treated with paint in gorgeous hues and used in such creative ways.

Old barn-style lighting shows off the artwork.

I had to shoot the bathroom door for you in all its chippy glory, wit the adorable oval-shaped knob...

We visited for a while with the waitress and she said paint and acid were used to make the textures on the surfaces of the restaurant.

And, old homes that sat near the restaurant site were razed and picked for rescued wood to use here.

This particular shade of blue was my favorite, that and the aqua.

In the restroom, they had used an old dresser as a vanity, isn't it something?!

Oh, say can you see?  The aqua paint that lies beneath that chippy top coat?

Enjoy the colors...!

This aqua church pew sits right inside the door welcoming those waiting to be seated.  The vintage policeman cutout cheerfully greets us.

I loved the way they displayed their pictures.  I believe behind each picture here is galvanized gutter straps!  They set each photo off gorgeously and unify the photos on this gorgeous red wall.

Old rusty tin was on some of the ceiling surfaces.

There were gorgeous choices in lighting everywhere.

A tiered galvanized container holds their candy and gum selection.

Chippy and rusty surfaces are gorgeous against the concrete floor.

My new friends, Sandie and Angie!

Lots of barn wood was  re-purposed.  

I cannot wait to get back to Alabama and see my daughter and her family, and to go see my new friends again!

Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Snack Shack!


mary your sis said...

What a fun place to eat: the police officer sure is cute and I love all the barnwood and corrugated rusty metal. I sure enjoyed your visit to the Snack Shack! Thanks for sharing.

Echoes From the Hill said...

What a great place.
Now, we need to see what you purchased at the antique malls!

Kathie Truitt said...

Wow. What a great trip. New friends, antique malls and a cute restaurant. Not to mention your grandbabies are there. Sooo much is luring you down south Joni.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

What a wonderful post and a great place! I love how they used all the doors....Think of all the history they saved! Thanks for sharing, loved it all!


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...
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Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...
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Linda said...

Looks like my kind of all the doors and the way they used cool! Glad you and your friends had a good time.