Friday, March 2, 2012

Marching In!

March.  You hold so much promise!  You look so different after your month-long makeover.  I cannot wait to see it!

You also mean that we made it through another basketball, winter.  And how well does basketball season serve to get us through winter?  Very, very well, thankyouverymuch.  

What would I do without basketball season?  Well, for one thing, I would be able to get more done without dropping everything to run back and forth to practices and games.  But then life just wouldn't be as much fun.  I LOVE basketball season!

Next year, this kid will have his license and I will be sitting home wringing my hands, because he'll be taking himself to and from practices and I will dearly miss our conversations on the way to and from and the laughing and the horsing around that we do...that boy is becoming all grown up.  He's my baby, that's not supposed to happen!

This year, I will ring March in with my grandbabies!  Now that basketball season is over, I am released from many daily obligations and I am leaving Saturday morning with my niece to go see my daughter's family.  I'm so excited!

My niece, Holly, is on break from college and her and I are making the trip together.  How fun is that?  Jamie is excited about seeing her cousin, and at the fact that she'll have TWO ladies to help her play with those two cute little babies!  

I am beyond excited, even though I will miss my men, I can't wait to get drunk on that sweet baby love.

My husband is a sport about the bachelor life, he can handle anything for a week, he says.

I sure hope so, because I've got some serious rocking, cheek kissing, hair-sniffing, and giggling and playing to do.

And how fun is this, last time I was down to see those babies, I taught Levi how to play hide and seek, and I cannot wait to play it again with him and his daddy.  And hide the button, we like to play that, too!

Now what can I teach Audrey....I think maybe I'll teach her how to give high fives.

Have a wonderful weekend, I am taking my flip flops and crop pants and heading south!


Marydon said...

I see smiles from ear to ear, Joni. You are going to have one grand time ... & that is what it is all about ..the kid-lings.

Be safe traveling ... have a grand time.
Have a beautiful week ~

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Have a wonderful time hugging and kissing and loving on those grands of yours!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dave loved b-ball season and March madness. Have fun and be safe; it sounds like a great trip.

Madge Bloom said...

So very beautiful... love your shots... have a wonderful trip...

Tim said...

Nice pictures of the snow we didn't get this year. It may not be too late for us to get some but I am already over it. Come on spring!