Monday, March 5, 2012

Have We Come a Long Way, Baby?

Please enjoy some photos of my daughter's vintage cookbook collection while I go on a "Restless Patriot Rant"!  

The brouhaha at the end of last week over taxpayer-funded birth control and Rush Limbaugh got me to thinking. 

First, the outcry is over-the-top hypocritical on the part of the mainstream media--as usual.  And, of course, it takes the minds of the lemmings off the real problems this country faces.  

(Think about it:  rappers can call women unprintable names and they win awards from their peers.  There is a new show called Good Christian Bi+ches {GCB} and it is justified all over the place.  It will probably win an Emmy.)

I can think of some unprintable names that only the left is allowed to call conservatives such as Sarah Palin; her greatest offense apparently is being a conservative.

Here are just a few of recent "name calling" events by the popular leftists of conservatives they love to hate: and remember, no apologies from these that uttered the invective they call others out on.  (Rush did man up and apologize.)

(Sorry for the language, but I have to expose these hypocrites!)

Bill Maher:  "Sarah Palin is a stupid twat."
Ed Shultz:  "Laura Ingraham is a right-wing slut."
Keith Olbermann:  "Michele Malkin is a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it."
David Letterman:  "Sarah Palin dresses like a slutty flight attendant."
David Letterman:  "There was an awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game.  During the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

And that's just a few for starters. 

No, Rush isn’t wrong. 

Yes, he did go overboard making his point--and name-calling is unacceptable on either side. (But hey, when it happens on the right, it's handy to take people's minds off the real problems this administration has fostered and worsened during the past three or so years.)

Yes, the woman who testified before Congress was an activist, and a fraud, and failed to mention that birth control is cheap and also easily accessible and can even be free to anyone through those like Planned Parenthood--which the government already hands many millions of our taxpayer dollars to.

Yes, Obama is doing his level best to make this election all about “women’s rights”.  Another front in his class war, I suspect.  (Like he hasn’t got enough of those going already.)  He is adept at getting groups of people to go at each other:  in this case, it's the religious groups who want to keep their constitutional freedoms versus women.

But then after some quiet time thinking about this situation, I remembered what my grandmothers and my mother’s generation worried about.  Was it free birth-control?  Hardly.  That generation, compared to this entitlement generation are as different as darkness and light.  Literally.

I was thinking how far into becoming animals the "women's rights" crowd and their enablers in government have taken us. The recent "testimony" in front of Congress of a so-called educated woman begging for taxpayer-funded birth control for her "sexcapades" reduces women to nothing more than animals with no will, restraint, or common sense, for that matter.

Womanhood was once an art--something to aspire to. Now it is something to be scorned and snorted at by those "enlightened" ones. Women who are self-disciplined and care for their spouses, homes, and families are something of a laughingstock to the women’s liberation generation—up for scorn at every turn. 

In case you didn’t know it, it’s fashionable to make light of women who actually love to take care of their homes and families and consider it a high honor, and love the art of being domestic.  

I consider the training my daughter received at home under my teaching as important as her college education.  She will get a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction out of caring for and serving her family and making her home a pleasant refuge for the family. 

As a mother, I considered it an honor and enjoyed teaching my daughter how to do all the things around the house that I knew how to do.  I was teaching her to serve.  As a result, she has also become a servant to her family and is doing a mighty fine job of it, too.  Now she is even teaching me some things.   And so it goes, she will teach her daughter to do the same.

Think about the difference in mindset between the women of our grandmother’s generation and the accepted and common attitudes of women now.  I am sure the equality that has come about because of our government’s interference has not advanced the cause of “liberation”.   

This is what is so ironic. 

I feel these so-called “advancements”  have chained women and they have become akin to a slave to their selfish wants—serving their lower selves; therefore resulting in unfulfilled and unhappy females looking for someone to make it all possible, and then to ultimately blame. 

Instead of liberation and “equality”, it appears to have turned into a bunch of animalistic females who believe that they cannot control their sexual urges and that someone must be responsible for resulting consequences of that lack of discipline.

Our grandmothers worried about knowing how to do everything necessary to take care of their homes and families and planned for it, trained under their mothers for it, and looked forward to it. They made doilies and other linens as teens and filled a 'hope chest" with goods they had made and found for the home in order to "be prepared" for housekeeping and most of all, they saved themselves for marriage.

I’d say the opposite of progress is the result of government interfering in the important role women play in the family and therefore in the stability of our country.  The results are all around you.  Think about it.

I'd say we HAVEN'T come a long way, baby!  Women have traditionally been the ones to care for and nurture families.  I'd rather be regressive in the eyes of a modern "liberated" woman than "advance" myself to their low level.

(And they call themselves progressives?!  WHY?!)


lil red hen said...

Bravo!!!! Splendid!!!!

lil red hen said...

Bravo!!!! Splendid!!!!

T said...

Amen, amen and amen again!

Chasity said...

Thank you for your post! It was truly inspired!

Anonymous said...

Preach It!!!!

Janice Basley said...

Amen Joni!! Amen!!You hit the nail on the head!! I'm soooooo sick of the Left-Wing media and everyone they support trashing conservatives! And I'm so sick of the lack of morals and values our great country appears to have!!

Janice Basley
Allen Park,MI

aimee said...

I have been missing your political posts Joni...I sometimes feel that I am the only one who screams at their TV after hearing the latest attacks on our values and Constitutional (as in the way our Founding Fathers meant them) rights.

Our country needs lots of prayer...
we are in, I'm afraid, a downward spiral and it is painful to watch.

Blessings to you + yours this Lent, Aimee

PS: LOVED the vintage cookbook photos!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! Keep up the good writing. Some women need to stop and think what government help? is really doing to them.


Kathie Truitt said...

Great food for thought, Joni. Thank you!

Shirley said...

Well said! I totally agree. I think the media is responsible for most of the problems in this country. It's all in how they spin things - most people don't even take the time to really hear. So frustrating!

Pauline said...

Totally agree - well said!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Joni - I am beyond angry at the double standard with the so called media. I am beyond angry at paying for abortions and "planned parenthood" agendas. I am beyond angry at being told my choice to care for my husband, my home and family is wrong. Taking care of Dave, protecting him during his hospital treatments and stay was my gift to Dave and to God and I'd give ten years off my life to do it all over again.

mary your sis said...

We haven't come a long way, baby! This isn't progress. Thanks for a well thought out answer to the freakish Fluke begging for birth control, when all she really proved is that she has no SELF-CONTROL!

Busy As Can Be said...

I am doing a standing ovation for you right go girl!

Echoes From the Hill said...

It has gotten so bad that I can't watch mainstream media any more. I watch Fox news and some of the talk shows. Watching anything else makes me angry. It is so stilted and blatantly left wing.
Have you noticed how angry the "progressive" women seem? If they are so correct, then why are they so unhappy and so angry?
Keep telling it like it is, and lets vote Obama and his ilk out of office in November!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for your next rant because I ALWAYS agree with you whole-heartedly. That Fluke is the reason the word slut was ever invented and for obama to call her and tell her he stands behind her is a disgrace to America and God. It makes me sick when anyone says he is a good father. We need to keep praying for Godly leaders for this country.

Amy O'Quinn said...

Amen and amen! Well-said!! Thanks for saying what many need to hear. Love go!

Madge Bloom said...

Here, here! I couldn't agree with your more!

Anonymous said...

Joni I couldn't agree more!
- Dawn

Stephanie @ The Cozy Old Farmhouse said...

I found your blog after using Google Images for "cozy farmhouse living room" and came across a picture from your blog that I liked. I've spent the past hour looking back over your posts and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We seem to have similar vintage/farmhouse tastes, you've done some beautiful photography, and I have agreed with all of your "restless patriot rants." Preach it sister, lol!

There were a few posts I wanted to comment on but I figured I didn't want to overdo it and decided to lump it all up into one. All of that to say that I'm your newest follower. : )

Jenny said...

I agree! Well said.

Deb said...

Amen, sista! I love it when you get on your soapbox, because I've been known to do it myself. I am proud of my domesticity and I too feel that my girl, (and boys for that matter) need to be taught how to nest and create a refuge, away for all the sickening stuff that goes on in the world. I hate it out there sometimes. Whatever happened to "ladies" and "gentlemen"? We have to keep the old days and the old ways alive!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Hi Joni,
I found your blog through your friend, Sandie.
I must stand up and applaud you after reading your rant. You are so right and I think that more of us bloggers, who believe like you, need to get on our soapboxes, stand up for our beliefs and convictions. Too many of our young people have fallen for the lies and wayward thinking of the liberals and, unfortunately, believe that it is right. I am proud to say that both my daughters and daughter-in-law have chosen to be the ones to care and nurture for their families by being stay at home moms. I could not be more proud!!
I do have to clarify one last comment that you made...women have traditionally been the ones to care for and nurture their families because this is the way God intended it to be. It is part of who God made us to be. And I could not be more thankful!

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

Very well said! I knew I came to this blog for a reason. I agree with you completely. Like Echoes From the Hill, I agree about the anger of the progressive woman. I have a few liberal relatives that can't talk politics without being angry and loud. What's with that? We definitely need a GODLY leader voted in in 2012. I'm praying.

Kathleen Grace said...

I just stopped by to catch up on your blog and Joni, you are so right! I think we have taken such a big step backward in this society in so many ways! I remember when the womens movement began and one of the biggest complaints was how women were objectified by men as sexual objects. Well what are they now!? A womans greatest achievement is not her education or what she does for society, it is all about her sex appeal. Our daughters are raised with the idea that they have the right to an abortion or that society should support their children or their lifestyle. A huge step backwards is what we have taken, with girls giving everything with no expectations of commitment or responsibility. You hit the nail on the head with the left wing media too. Everything that conservitives say or do is branded as "hate", but they can call a conservative whatever foul thing they please and they don't seem to see the irony in their lack of "tolerance". Whew don't get me started! I applaud you for writing this!