Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching Up on News...

The beautiful trim work and details on this farmhouse have always made it one of my very favorite.

I haven't visited in a while so I thought it might be time to catch up with you.  I can hardly believe we are looking at the end of March!  Where did time go?  

I am so happy to see spring arrive, but couldn't resist sharing a couple photos from winter when I was traveling back roads one afternoon during a snowstorm.  This beautiful white farmhouse is one of the most lovely in the area.  You like it?

Since I've been home from visiting Jamie and her family in Alabama earlier this month, things have pretty much been a whirlwind. Spring arrived when I arrived home and the grass greened up and is beautiful emerald and thick and lush, leaves are bursting forth and spring blooms are everywhere.  It's been a most unusual March.  

This has meant that spring yard work had to be done and the lawnmower has been busy, too!

The old windmill still stands in the farm yard.

While I was away visiting Jamie and the kids, my husband had a routine vision appointment.  While there, he did poorly on the peripheral vision test.  

This result caused his optometrist to send him to an specialist.  This man took tests, had him come back the next day and took some more.  He immediately sent him to get an MRI of the head and neck.  This MRI showed a tumor on the pituitary -- located behind the eyes and nose.  It's about 3 cm or about the size of a walnut.  What happens is this presses on the optic nerves and affects the field of vision.

This is most times benign but must be removed to prevent further vision problems.

We were told to go to the University of Michigan Hospital and we had an appointment there yesterday with a neurologist and an endocrinologist.  A blood test was done and it was determined that the tumor could not be removed with drug treatment, as these sorts sometimes can.  

So surgery is scheduled two weeks from today.  It's been a busy time with many appointments and tests and life and driver's education thrown in between.  :-)

The barns are covered in white as calming.

We are praying for a safe surgery and a full recovery.  If left intact or else undetected, this tumor could cause blindness and other health issues related to the thyroid.  Lem was prescribed thyroid medication, also right away and has never needed a daily medication in his life.  All of this will be a new road for us.

So if I don't show up as often here in the coming weeks, I know you'll forgive me!  I'll be back as often as I am able--sharing photos and life with you when I can.  

The surgery will be followed by a two-week recovery time at home.  My schedule won't be normal until the end of April, and I'm sure we'll have follow-up appointments to see to--the hospital is about an hour and a half from home.

But, among the thorns there are roses...the good news?  We have a cheerful trip planned for seeing those sweet grand babies for spring break, right before his surgery is scheduled.  This will make the time pass so pleasantly while we wait for him to be admitted to the hospital.  

It's time for me now to wish you a blessed Easter Season, my friends, in case we don't get to visit again before that beautiful holiday.


Anonymous said...

I will pray that your husbands surgery goes well! Thank goodness it was caught when it was. Prayers to you too.
One of your fans, Susan

lil red hen said...

So very sorry that your husband has to go through this, but we have a loving Father to lean on. Will pray that all goes well; take care of yourself too.

Tanya said...

Oh Joni,
Prayers and more prayers for your sweet Lem! Please keep us posted the best you can!
The grandbabies will be the best medicine to start off with!
Will be thinking of you ....
Please just grasp on to God's giving hands and let him guide you through this. It's the best path! :0)
Big Hugs,

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

I am so sorry to hear this news about your husband. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
I have been dealing with thyroid and pituitary problems for 3 years. Just started seeing an endocrinologist and we are trying to find a med that works for me and it's tough. Next is an MRI of my pituitary.
Stay positive and happy you will see the babies soon.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I will pray that the surgery goes well, and that the problem is completely resolved.
Take care.

Tammy said...

Praying the surgery goes well and your husband will be back on his feet soon. Take care and give those grandbabies lots of hugs and kisses.

aimee said...

The LORD be with you and your husband as you walk through these next few weeks. May He guide the doctors and give you both peace.
Prayers + hugs,
PS: Have a great time with your daughter and her family:) said...

May you all be blessed as your husband goes through the surgery and recovery. May everyone involved with his situation be guided by God's hand and be able to do the right thing and in the right way for him. Prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. ♥

Julie Hinds said...

that trim would have caught my eye too, wow, so interesting, must have been the "supreme" treatment in the day! Have fun, what a good diversion!
Did you see my note on Jamie's about bringing me back a small lizard, she was saying they have them in their yard. Daniel would love it, right now he has a pet toad, wish Michigan had lizards. Don't worry if you can't though.

Kathie Truitt said...

Tell Lem us folks here in Virginia are praying for him.