Monday, March 12, 2012

Bath & Body Works Blue Spa Treatments

I am full of posts, but they're not all ready.  Lots to show and tell from my trip last week to see my daughter and her family in Alabama.  

But until I get to those photos and those stories, I wanted to be sure and share an excellent product with you.  

Not one to hawk products from my blog, I only do so when I feel they are excellent and if I would tell a friend or share with a friend, I certainly will share with you.

With summer coming, I know we'll be looking to get our feet into shape for sandals and flip flops and even barefooted-ness!

I know winter is hard on our feet and if you're a walker like I am, you also can become prone to callouses.

While I was in the store one day, I noticed a section of "spa treatments" and tried a couple of the selection in a sample size.  They were excellent.  So, I can recommend these products to you having already used them. 

While I was in Alabama, I wore sandals for the first time in months and months.  I noticed my feet could use a little TLC.

And here it is!

With any purchase at Bath and Body Works, there is a customer feedback section on the bottom of your receipt. (So dig out an old receipt before you go.  All you do when the survey is complete is write down a confirmation number -- no waiting on a coupon in the mail!) 

If you take the time, you will get a sizable discount on your next purchase, mine happened to be $10 off a $30 purchase, and that came in handy for these products.

All of these are excellent and do what they say they will do.

The green ones are for the feet, the pink are for the hands.  

While I don't have cracked heels, my husband and son do -- they are on their feet all day long.  I plan to share that product with them--it's an excellent one.  And they will not be put off with the scent, these are not at all feminine and will work for men or women.

Now here's to two very HAPPY FEET!!  


Marydon said...

Your footsie looks great to me! TY for sharing ... will look for this. Love sandal weather, it is just around the corner.

Have a beautiful week ~

~ GIVEAWAY ends 3/15 ~

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Thank You for sharing! I usually shop Bath and Body around the Holidays. I did not know they had this. I am definately gonna check it out. My feet could use some TLC. Thanks for sharing!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Love Bath and Body. I will have to pick some of these up as I really could use some too before summer. My heels get dried out from going barefoot all the time so I have to pay lots of attention to them.

mary your sis said...

Thanks for the product review; I'll definitely have to get some of the cracked heel scrub.

Tanya said...

HI Joni,
Sooooooo glad you are back! I can't wait to see pictures of those babies! I'm loving this Grandma thing! It's a whole new world!My word...what a different kind of love!
I just broke out the flip flops and may have to get some Blue Spa and try it out! Thanks for the tip!