Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Pleasures: Bacon in the Morning

It's rare around here when we can say on Friday night :  "There's nothing to get up for, we can SLEEP IN!"  My husband works every other Saturday, and lately, he's been working six days a week.  It's was a long January.

But how I love that feeling!  Tucked in after the basketball game on Friday night, with nothing to awaken for (unless it's that pesky telemarketer that calls at NINE A.M.  Ugh!).

So, am I the only mama who gets giddy when she knows that her family is going to awaken to the smell of bacon on the morning?

Why does that make me so happy?

(Have you ever, ever, ever met a boy or a man that doesn't like bacon?  I never have.  There's a Facebook page called "BACON".  It has almost two million "Likes", and I'd bet most of them are men.)

Yes, eating a gigantic bacon, egg and pancake breakfast at noon with your family is one of life's precious little treasures.  

There is magic in the ordinary.

Laughing and talking with all those feet together under the old oak kitchen table is priceless.

And for me, imagining their memories later in life when they remember sunny Saturday mornings, waking to the smell of bacon and pancakes, well, that's just a little gift I can give them.  

And I gladly do.


Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I'm with you Joni! Making family memories is one of the things I love most. Love this post (: xxVicki

Julie Hinds said...

We do the exact same thing, I'm always disapointed if I have to be somewhere early Sat. morning, it's my one easy day to make a big breakfast without giving up too much of my school day. Have you ever made Dutch Babies or oven pancakes? I have a great recipe I cook in a huge cast iron skillet and it climbs right up the sides and out of the pan about 5 inches, Hannha always has to take another picture of the thing! The best part for me is only having to cook ne other meal after a Sat. morning brunch!