Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leftover Christmas...

Taken last night at twilight.

First, a little business to take care of:  I woke up this morning with my blog plastered with "EXCEEDED BANDWIDTH" all over the side bar where my custom design once appeared. I know I have not exceeded my bandwidth. It's the problem with my blog designer, who has disappeared off the face of the earth:  Shabbee Chick Designs did a lovely job making this my home, and now it's nothing like it used to be, and I have NO WAY to reach her.  So please bear with me while I find a new design/designer...I'm very disappointed in this change and don't like it one bit.  For instance, my header is off center, and I can find no way to fix that.  If anyone has a blog designer they might suggest, I'd be happy to know about them.  Please let me know in the comments section.  (Or, if you prefer, tell me to chuck the whole custom design thing and stay with the plain-Jane generic look!)

I still have Christmas-hangover.  

(We all know how much work it is for mom to get ready to leave the state on a normal day, then add Christmas into it?  Beyond stressful!!)

I'll 'explain....we spent a blissful, relaxing, snuggly time with the babies in Alabama Christmas week.  It's a whirlwind getting ready to go and getting there, but it was perfect to be able to de-compress.

We got back from Alabama Friday night. 

Saturday, I unpacked, went to de-board the dogs at the kennel, dropped $255 for that.  Later on Saturday afternoon, our dogs had a tiff amongst each other--that got too carried away, and the holiday weekend vet bill went over $700 for the damage caused--husband spent five hours at the clinic waiting and for the surgery.

Sunday we went to church, came home and I made an awesome fried chicken dinner, a treat for us to enjoy--slowly.  Then I made several batches of jam for gift-giving.

Monday, I packed up and went north to see my brother and his wife--they had flown in from out of the country to spend Christmas and the New Year in the states.

Last night's sunset.

It was a quick trip and I stayed up WAY, way, WAY too late--laughing and talking with know how that is!  TOo much fUN!

And then I think I slept a couple hours, got up and visited with my sister, Mary for a little bit, then drove home again this afternoon...

Just in time to leave again!

I ran my son to his basketball game, which ends up being a four-hour trip, after sitting through two complete games and a half hour of waiting for it to start.

Came home, straightened up the house, and ate some supper.

Unpacked again.

White barn -- love 'em!

Today we found that the septic tank is acting, as busy as I have been, I am SO GLAD it waited until this week.  THANK GOODNESS!

I'm pretty darn tired.

Back to the school routine for today, and I am going back to walking my miles this morning.  I'm looking forward to a routine again and the good that walking does me ;-).

I think the tree is going to stay up the rest of the week so I can actually enjoy it!!

How about you?  Is the tree down?  Up?  Lights still hanging on the house?

I totally understand those who have Christmas up for half of January.  I really do!


Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

That stinks about your designer disappearing. I don't really have any advice, but your blog still looks fine to me, if that helps! I'm not seeing the bandwidth exceeded message.

On to more exciting things.... the dog fight -- argh! Boarding is pricey enough. We don't board any more; our dogs are old & don't do well with it, so we pay someone to come to our home instead. It's actually no more expensive, and we don't have to worry about them.

I hope you get everything squared away soon!

Marydon said...

You, TOO?!? Our septic is down also, what a mess. Hope yours resolves quicker than ours.

Sounds like you are having a grand time despite the hurry scurry visits.

Have a beautiful day ~

peggy said...

I'm leaving my crocheted popcorn garland tree up so I will remember to try to find the pattern, and one reindeer. I'm just not ready yet. I don't have any ideas about blog design, I am lucky to muddle through as it is, but yours has always been very beautiful and different from all us generics. You should do what pleases you most. Happy Wednesday.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Let me know if you have found a designer too as mine has disappeared and when she didn't keep up her photobucket account I had all those warnings and would like to head that off again if I can by switching it all to mine.

Linda said...

That's too bad...I see Cindy from romantic Home is having the same issue. I would recommend everyone having their own banners on their own computer. I can probably help you. I see you are using the simple Joshua Peterson design.
I have helped many people with their blogs... Linda

mary your sis said...

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? Sorry about the dogs, I didn't know about that whole ordeal! Hope they are on the mend and that they behave themselves after this, lol. Hope the rest of your week goes better...

Sheila said...

Save your your own blog for free! It really isn't hard. :)
Leave your tree up....and sit with something yummy to drink and enjoy the lights.

Septic that would stress me out.....and don't even get me started with dogs and vet bills!!!!

Even if it is rough....I am glad you are back. :)

~Sara said...

It sounds like you have happening what the holidays usually do to lots of people. Craziness. The walks and the calming down and taking time ow to enjoy the tree will do you good. Good for the soul as well as the physical body. For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Blessings ~Sara

Maryanne said...

Good evening,
I googled The Shabbee Chick Designs and came up with your blog which states that your designer has disappeared. I just restored the images of another website that The Shabbee Chick Designs had created. If you want me to restore it for you and you have your images saved, please let me know. I will do it for a donation to your church offering :)
teapartys on ebay

Holly said...

You're not the first one that's happened too...seems to be a problem out there.
I still have my Christmas up! I love it so much and am secretly hoping for some snow before the twinkly lights all come down. I also had surgery and can't do it all myself so will be requiring the help of hubby. Let's just say that he doesn't put away quite like I do, so please be praying for me!!!
Enjoy this week! good for you getiing back to walking1