Monday, January 2, 2012

Is It Monday Again? Home...

"The strength of a nation, especially of a republican nation, is in the intelligent and well-ordered homes of its people."  

--Lydia H. Sigourney

"To be happy at home is the ultimate aim of all ambition; 
the end to which every enterprise and labor tends, 
and all which every desire prompts and prosecution." 

-- Ben Jonson

"We need not power or splendor; 
wide hall or lordly dome; 
the good, the true, the tender, 
these form the wealth of home."  

--Sarah J. Hale

"I'll still stay, to have thee still forget. 
Forgetting any other home but this."

--From Romeo and Juliet


I've said it before and I'll say it again:  home and family is important to me.  I want you all to feel "at home" when you stop in here.  I want you to almost smell the coffee when you click on the link.

Part of the reason I started this little blog is to "bring my daughter home" when she moved so far away.  I wanted to be able to bring her glimpses of us, her house, and the countryside around us.  So much of the scenery she saw while here with us, she doesn't see anymore.  (This was all before Facebook!)

The holidays and special times are the favorite times I feel I can share with her how we are celebrating, what we are doing, what is going on in the house.  

So, one of my most favorite times to share with her are the holidays, starting in the fall with the leaves on the trees and the pumpkins her daddy cuts out of the garden patch...right on up to the time the tree goes up and the porch gets decorated, the house blooms inside with Christmas all around and the baking of cookies and treats going on in the kitchen, I want her to be able to "come home".

Doing this has made me see "home" in a whole new way.
And I am thankful for that.  

It's not just OUR home...or us, no.  I've come to realize over time, that it's the space around us, the land, the buildings, and the geography--familiar places, spaces and even some of the trees are different...

So...when I see these lovely old barns or in this case, lovely old farm homes she might like seeing, I take the pictures and I will gladly share...especially since I know that some of her favorite drives were down these old country back roads she knew.  

Welcome HOME!

I hope you enjoy peeking at my "home" here, too; I just wanted to tell you sometimes why I am so eager to share the scenes, as well as the seasons that meet my eye each day when I travel over these old roads.

"Close your eyes, and tap your heels together three times. 
And think to yourself, 
'there's no place like home'..."

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Thanks again for stopping by our "home"...

We are glad to have you.


earlene said...

Great post and I love the music.
I agree that there is no place like home. You can be having a bad day but as soon as I pull up the driveway it's gone.

Milah said...

Now go knock on those doors and ask if you can come in! LOL! Those are beautiful homes, and I like your sentiments. When I was a rural mail carrier I could read a lot about someone by the appearance of their home and the content of their mail. I could even feel an evil presence at some of the homes. I sat in front of many mailboxes praying for the occupants of the home.

Hope to see more....I always appreciate a beautiful well maintained home. :)

gail said...

Love your cozy post. And I can definately smell the coffee. Beautiful pictures and words.

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

What a fabulous post! i always love stopping by and your photos are always inspiring!
Would love to invite you over for coffee and a chat and it's nice to be able to do that virtually :)
Happy New Year!

Kathie Truitt said...

I agree with Milah. I wanna see inside. All these photographs are so beautiful and I DO feel welcome, warm and all cozy inside when I visit your blog.

mary your sis said...

I'm glad your children grew up realizing the importance of home and that you took time to have traditions and make memories with them. Many adults think of their own siblings and parents as family and turn themselves inside out to please them, and at the same time they forget about their own spouse and children: they fail to show them how important they are! Your kids can look forward to the security of home and family relationships and that's a good example. Thanks for also sharing your home with us!

Jamie B said...

I am glad I get to come home thru your blog. Makes things a little easier being so far away. Levi and Audrey will enjoy it when they get older too.