Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas at Pine Hollow Lodge

Monday I went north to see my brother who was visiting from Great Britain.  While I was there, I got a chance that I haven't had in years:  to go to my sister's house, Pine Hollow Lodge, to be able to see her house decorated for Christmas.

Although her tree was down because it was so dry and was dropping needles, the rest of the decorations remained in place.

So, I handed the camera to Katie, her daughter and said "Go to town!"...because I thought you might like to see the way she decorates her home for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy all the vintage goodness...I sure did!

Mary LOVES Christmas and decorating for it.

So Christmas-y, the red and green porch lends itself so well to Christmas garland and old fashioned Christmas lights!

Mary is partial to aqua.  
I am amazed at how she has worked red and green into that--so beautifully!  

Come along for a look...

Oh.  My.  Shiny Brites!!

Mary's kids all know she loves these and they watch for them at thrift stores in their travels.  Her son Casey has found most of these for her in batches here and there at amazing prices.  Once he found a nice bag of them and paid fifty cents for all!  

He knows nothing makes his mom happier than a bubble-gum bag full of colorful Shiny Brites! 

They are treasured and greeted every Christmas with big smiles.

One of Autumn's vintage Christmas trees, a gift to mom.  

Vintage indents in a milk glass bowl.  (For filler in her displays, Mary uses the iridescent Easter grass, bought after Easter on clearance.  It makes a nice soft nest for the vintage bulbs to rest on.  Smart!)

These were once called "dimestore houses" or glitter houses.

This house was a gift from Autumn & Clint for a birthday.  What a thoughtful thing to do, especially when Putz houses are so welcome in this house!

The snowman here to the right of the silver church was picked out by Mary's daughter, Katie, who spots treasures she knows mom will love when they're out and about.  

This was a new find this year at a special shop they visited in Bay City, Michigan, in an old downtown area revived with new shops full of wonderful goodies, especially at Christmas.

And, of course, my favorite corners were the RED & GREEN ones.  Just lovely!  

Autumn finds vintage Christmas items to create mini-Christmas trees in a vintage feel, this cutie is standing in small milk glass pedestal bowl...this vintage Santa decoration was brand new!

Are you overdosing on vintage cuteness yet?!  

Mary also loves bottle brush trees of all kinds.

Mary has a very large collection of vintage Christmas bulbs, and lots of yummy Shiny-Brites!

How about this punch set in red and green!?  Adorable.

Mary has the market cornered on Putz houses!!  Most are new but some are vintage.  She has a wonderful collection.

Now who can resists vintage choir children candles?  
And that Christmas carol book? Oh.  My.  
She used a vintage Christmas "hankie" for a doily, perfect!

This album cover is as cute as it gets! 

A kitty curled up in an armchair always makes Christmas seem even cozier!

Mary's daughter, Autumn, painted this cute vintage postcard snowman.  
Mary framed it, but first glammed up the frame with paint and glitter.  

Oh, how lovely is a pale robin's egg blue with red and green and pink?  I love it all.

Mary and Katie, her daughter, made these "shadow box" decorations with papier' mache' boxes found at a craft store.  They just cut the centers out of the lid and went to town!

And cute corners in the kitchen...

A cute little vintage-style garland made with vintage Christmas  cards printed onto card stock and then mounted on scrapbook paper hangs from the shelf overhead in the kitchen.  Red tinsel garland is a great vintage-style touch, too.

Cute vintage-style snowmen in a grouping.

And in the lodge-style room...

I hope you enjoyed seeing Mary's vintage style Christmas decorations!  I know I did!


earlene said...

Oh this is so wonderful!!!
She has the knack for vintage!
A beautiful home and thanks for sharing.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What a Beautiful Home inside and out! Love the photos and all the Beautiful displays. Thanks for sharing!

Sheila said...

Wonderful displays! Thanks for sharing!

Pauline said...

Just lovely!!!!! Thanks for the tour - so many great ideas I'll have to try out next Christmas!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing! She has such a cute and charming home.

Teresa said...

Love it all!!!!!

Grandma Becky said...

Oh how fun and thanks for sharing! Loved seeing all the Mary Engelbreit books. I've got quite a few myself! Candle choir boys, too cute. My mom used to have some of those.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Shiny Brites, Bottle Brush trees, glitter houses... you are SPEAKING MY LINGO!
By the way, she better lock up that glitter house village cause I am fixin to steal it!
Did you ever get those cool lights to work??? I want to see a photo of those!
Called you the other day...

Talk soon!
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bettyj said...

That was a wonderful tour. She has vintage perfected!I certainly enjoyed my visit.

Down On The Farm said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!