Thursday, November 3, 2011

Restless Patriot Rant: Useless Idiots



A sunset so brilliant it even shined through the curtains at my window.

Lately I have thought about the tumultuous sixties and the CRAZY seventies and the fear our parents must have felt while raising young families, as they heard about and saw reports of rioting -- both about race and the war in Vietnam.  I remember the news reports on the radio and the adults saying to each other, "What is this world coming to?!".   It was a dangerous time.  It had consequences. 
I've been saying "What is this world coming to?"  to myself a lot lately, too.  I fear for us, our children, and our grandchildren.
I am speaking about the "occupy" movement and its stupid destructive nature, the way these morons wear masks, and seem proud of the fact that they can destroy property, disrespect the police and any other authorities, destroy private property, and intimidate average people; costing cities millions and private companies--and income earners much in the way of lost revenue.   
I have watched many reports and  read many accounts of violence and mayhem caused by these groups like the communists, socialists, Nazi's, SEIU, all the usual suspects that are enemies of America and of freedom, who claim to want a worldwide "robin hood" government.  
There are already plenty of that type of government in this world to choose from, and I beg them to go...go there and see what living in a third-world country is like!  
 Why?  Because in third-world countries, only those at the top have anything.  It is stolen from the people to "give to those who have not" and then once stolen, kept for those in power, and those in power keep their power.   
(For very recent proof of this, Libya was full of very poor people and Ghaddafi is estimated to have been worth between $67-$300 BILLION when he died.  All of it stolen from the people and the country they lived in--stashed in markets around the world.)
The bottom line is this:  occupation has no place in a land of freedom and liberty.  It is a foreign concept to us.  Make no mistake, these "occupy" people mean you and I no good.    They have nothing better or productive to do, so disturbing the peace, living in filth, and causing mayhem and chaos is fine by them.  And to know that this president, this enemy of the people supports it is chilling.  Period.
Freedom and capitalism go hand in hand.  Destroy capitalism and freedom is tossed up to only those who wield power over us.  
When freedom is only held by those in power, it is used in wicked ways and for evil ends.  The irony with this bunch is that they are asking for handouts--their cause is sponsored by various trouble-making groups -- but not self-supporting.  They ask and are getting it from .... TA DA!  ...Corporations!  The irony is searing to anyone with half a brain.  
They have dangerous, filthy, crime ridden encampments that attract those that are inclined to be totally lawless with the result of varied unreported crimes, simply because they hate the police so much that they decided they'd become their own law.  HUH?!  
Last week, it was reported that the New York City kitchen workers in the camp there were sick and tired of working 18-hour days to cook for the "occupiers" -- who did nothing but protest while they worked to feed them.  
Well, the irony was not lost on me, and I hope a few of the kitchen workers had a light bulb go off in their heads.
Do they not see this is exactly what productive Americans feel about THEM?   
These protests are more proof that young people in this country have NO IDEA about the founding principles, founding documents, no idea what our country is all about.  The president's support of it shows that he is our enemy.  I look for it to last as long as his campaign does. 
Meanwhile, back in D.C. we have politicians wasting important time and energy on such things as  Federal diaper giveaways.  Really?  Like we don't owe enough money to China?  
What is this world coming to?


nancy said...

thank you joni for voicing or writing what many americans are thinking and feeling as we watch this unfolding. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO! I fear for my children and grandchildren. I pray this comes to an end soon. Nancy

denise said...

so very true. denise

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I agree completely -- you just said it much better than I could. Thank you for being so brave and eloquent and speaking for so many of us.

Our Country Bungalow said...

Awesome job. Great post. You speak for so many of us.

Mitzi said...


mary your sis said...

Very well put, Joni. It's scary that this is going on, especially when if the protestors had any brains, they'd be protesting at the White House. I believe, unless George Soros begins paying union labor to go cook and clean at these camps, the protestors will destroy each other. Stories of rapes, violence, theft, and thuggery make the disgusting filth they generate look like nothing. It isn't surprising the "cooks" are complaining that they work while others do nothing, after all, these "cooks" aren't making union wages; soon they'll be protesting the protestors and going on strike. If it wasn't so terrible it'd be hilarious. Very ironic!

lil red hen said...

Joni, thank you for this post! Useless idiots is a perfect name for them; I've wondered if God is looking down and calling them the same thing. If these people want work, why don't they take on some of the menial jobs, such as picking fruit or working in the fields; some of the immigration problems might be solved if more Americans would do these tasks. For example, poultry production is the main source of income for our county. When we first started growing chickens, they were caught and processed by locals. Now most of that work is done by Mexican workers.

You go girl!!

aimee said...

I HATE the fact that it is the 99% of the people the 'occupy' movement is hurting and that they are getting support, not just on the national level, but the local too.
I have no problem with their right to protest--but that does not give them the 'right' to destroy public or private property, use drugs, tie up rush hour traffic, break other laws, etc. This is just hurting the majority of citizens who have to bear the cost (tax dollars, frustration, lost business, etc) of their actions.
One interview I saw really opened my eyes---one of the protestors asked a food cart for free food and when told no, he (the protestor) responded with a comment "well that's un-American of you" (KATU?). Can you believe that?
Good post.

Anonymous said...

Really, what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.

Sarah said...

Agree completely. I can't even read the paper anymore, it makes me so mad. What is wrong with our generation? It makes me sad.

mum2matty said...

Amen! Couldn't agree more. I'm hopeful that the majority of Americans do not share the same views as the Occupy people. The presidential election is sure going to be an interesting one.

jAne said...

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