Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Baby Shower: Wrapping it Up!

This gift was a special one for Autumn from her Aunt Pam.  It's a vintage rocker,  painted a soft blue, with a sweet teddy bear softie in the seat made of chenille in soft blue, pink and aqua and cream.  

A darling vintage story book accompanied the gift, as well as a bag of sweet little clothing for the new baby girl.  A doily on the back of the rocker will be great when used in the new baby's vintage nursery, and is tied with a nice pink polka-dotted bow, that Autumn will find a place to use in baby's room, too!

The only game we played was FUN!  It may not work with a small crowd, but this bunch had a ball with it.

When each guest arrived, they were given three plastic glow bracelets (found in a tube at the store) and were told that each time they heard the word "baby" they could take the bracelets from the person saying it.  It was a blast.  Everyone had fun chatting, but every now and then you'd hear a roar and everyone would be laughing because someone with an armful of bracelets had to give them all up.

It really got intense during the time Autumn opened her gifts.  You can imagine how many people said "baby" without even thinking about it until it was too late.

The last two standing each had fifteen, and it was a tie.  

"Did you just say 'baby'?"

Counting the bracelets at the end.


The prize package included a cuter than cute homemade apron, a recipe journal--all made by Mary. 

This was a special gift to the GRANDPARENTS!

This was made by a friend and neighbor of Autumn's parents out of wormy chestnut, a wood not found anymore in Michigan.  This cradle was lovingly made by this sweet couple, and given to the grandparents to share with each of their children when the babies come along, and then given back for the next one...what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and what a thoughtful and complete surprise!  The coverlet and bumper pads were made just for it also.  
What a treasure--an heirloom for sure!

Inside this package from Autumns mom and dad, was a white convertible crib, for baby's room, that goes from crib, to toddler bed, to a headboard/footboard for when the baby's grown!  How smart is that?

Auntie Katie had a whole lot of fun picking out some fun new outfits for her first niece...and wrapping the package so pretty.

A party wouldn't be a party without my sweet grand-niece McKenzie!  (She was the flower girl in Autumn's wedding!)

A special dress for Christmas made for the baby by Autumn's grandma.  
Red, for her first Christmas...Autumn is due the beginning of December!

So, so many special and beautiful gifts, I don't have the room to show them all here.  So many that Autumn's car was filled, the trunk, the back seat, the front passenger seat, with a few of the larger ones left so her parents could truck them down to her!  So blessed.

Thanks to all who came...

Especially to all my SISTERS!

L-R:  Anne, Mary, Pam, Me, Brenda.
Pam is just hilarious when she makes her bunny face.  
(Yes, we're strange.  But we like each other that way!)

Jamie had planned to make the trip north, for the shower and a nice visit, but Levi ended up with a double ear infection--and plans abruptly changed, the baby was too sick and miserable to even think about a trip.  We missed her.  (I went down a few days after Autumn's shower, sort of as a "consolation prize" for her...just got back Tuesday night.)

I am so glad you stopped by...

Mary made little tissue holders to give to each guest as they left the shower...sweet designs on all of them.

Have a SUNNY day!


Our Country Bungalow said...

What an amazing cradle! Absolutely beautiful!
The game with the bracelets sounds fun; I'll have to remember that one.
I love seeing everyone in your photos coming together and having a great time!