Sunday, September 25, 2011

SCENIC SUNDAYS: For All the Blessings of the Year

Taken last year not far from our house.  
Fall is so beautiful!

For All The Blessings of the Year

For all the blessings of the year,
For all the friends we hold so dear,

For peace on earth, both far and near,

We thank Thee, Lord.

For life and health, those common things,
Which every day and hour brings,

For home, where our affection clings,

We thank Thee, Lord.

For love of Thine, which never tires,
Which all our better thought inspires,

And warms our lives with heavenly fires,

We thank Thee, Lord.

Go here for more info about the hymn, and to hear its melody.  

Thank the Lord for farmers.


Sandie said...

How beautiful! I love your barn pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

AMEN! Thank the Lord for farmers! (No Farms, No Food!)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

This would be so perfect for the holidays, T-giving or Christmas. So lovely. Love those farm photos. You are truly blessed to live in such a pretty area.