Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pumpkin Report

Saturday was a beautiful, golden, perfect early fall day.  I hung out laundry.  I took everything off the porch and changed it to fall.

I picked pumpkins.  It was easy to be outdoors, it was the kind of day that begged you to come out and play.

There weren't many pumpkins this year, compared to last.  I think the drought in July came at just the wrong time.  I found maybe ten, and normally we can count on thirty or more.  It was a strange garden year, all the way around.  You just never know what the outcome will be, but that's half the fun, too.

One of the prettier, more perfectly-formed pumpkins came from a vine which grew up the fence and one perfect pumpkin formed and grew outside the fence. 

It was the most unique color of all the pumpkins and was heavy, I'm surprised it stayed so long on the vine hanging from the fence like it did.

It's going to a bright, blue-eyed boy I know named Levi.

Today is a blustery, rainy, chilly fall day, just perfect for a Monday.  Especially when it was preceded by a picture-perfect weekend.  

It's a kind of day where soup seems perfect for dinner.  The kind of day where leaves will be scattered across the lawn by evening.

I have lots to do today, and more since last night, Luke got a six-point during the Michigan Youth Hunt which took place this weekend.  He has had success each of the three times he's done it, and we're so happy for him.

 It was skinned, quartered, and put into the fridge last night, today is the day when the meat will be patiently cleaned, cut and packaged to put into the freezer by my husband.  

How was pumpkin harvest in your area this year?


Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm said...

I didn't have many, either! But there was a million and one flowers! And plenty of bees to pollinate. I maybe have 15 in all! But in my compost pile there was the giant!!! I threw last years giant pumpkin in and one giant grew out of it. God knows we had plenty of rain and heat. And I know the ground was great, maybe too much compost. It was a weird year.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I don't plant veggies in my little yard (although the g-kids might really like a pumpkin) but I understand that the severe drought in Texas is going to create huge pumpkin shortages for the pumpkin patches this year.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Great photos!! Ours didn't do so well......:(

~~Carol~~ said...

I don't have a spot to grow any, but I sure am enjoying watching the progress of my friend's lone pumpkin on her vine! It's mostly green, just turning orange at the top, and she's hoping that a critter doesn't decide to make a meal out of it!

Howdy! I'm Ruth Ann said...

Hi Joni! Wow! What a beautiful pumpkin from your own pumpkin patch! Your blog is so full of warm, homey goodness! I wanted to stop by to wish you Happy Fall and to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Sending hugs your way!
Ruth Ann (aka Aunt Ruthie)
Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Deanna said...

Sweet Autumn blessings to you!
Enjoyed seeing your gorgeous pumpkin in your picture!

We didn't grow any pumpkins this year so i must enjoy others.

God bless,

Kerin said...

Not too many here. It was too rainy all summer, and not enough heat.
Love all your pics !