Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the Sluggards and the Wise

Proverbs 6:6-8  Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise.  Which, having no guide, no overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

I know common sense has taken flight from most of the United States and its citizens, but I like to think that someday, it might return.  

I know it used to be taught by those at home, if it failed there, then it was taught in the schools, wisdom is found in antique textbooks.  If it was missed everywhere else, most used to go to church and the Bible is wisdom -- and if folks weren't able to go to church they at least read their Bibles once in a while.

The sad thing is, it might return from necessity--I believe we're headed for another recession/depression.  Since our government is doing next to nothing about our debt, we're going to see some bad, bad, bad times.  

Our government is doing its level best to ruin our economy, they already devalue families, thereby creating more and more poor.  By spending more and more and more are ruining a lot of our budgets with inflation and a devalued dollar--and this is only the beginning.  

There are other circumstances that are contributing to shortages of food, like our weather, and China buying up all the high-quality hay needed here by our farmers to feed livestock and dairy herds--they ship it back to China in the huge cargo ships in which they ship all their junk to the U.S....  

This is not only happening here in U.S. with the bloated, overspending, and drunk on giveaways buy-the-votes types in government, it's happening around the world.  Many, many countries are on the brink of bankruptcy.  The giveaways will have to stop.

I want to say something and I hope you won't take it wrong.

My husband had a little granny, we called her Momo.  She was short, stout, and she had two really bad legs; varicose veins gave her terrible pain and she had to wrap them daily.  

She waddled when she walked because of the pain.  But she knew what a hoe was, and what sweat and hard work were.  

When I knew her after marrying my husband, she was a widow by then for many years, and well into the age where she was collecting a small social security check.  But Momo always had plenty of food.  She had full freezers, and in the late fall her little kitchen and pantry area was fairly bursting with canned goods.  

Momo always had plenty to eat.  She was a good cook, and it was always a treat to set our feet underneath her table and enjoy some great green beans with potatoes--that she grew herself, corn bread, some pintos from her garden as well.  She didn't always have meat, but that was fine.  She knew how to get protein without meat.

My point is this:  Momo was poor by all standards.  Her husband did not leave her with a pension.  But Momo knew how to feed herself and she always had a good garden she could feed herself and to share with others from.

When we hand a "bridge card" or some other form of EBT to the chronically poor, are we really helping them?  What do they have to teach themselves?  Why is it someone else's job to feed them?  I know, I know, they need help, but Momo never asked for help feeding herself!

She bought basics like flour, sugar, corn meal, that sort of thing, but most of the food she ate, she grew.  

I don't know why, but we seem to have removed the pride from the poor.  

Here in Michigan, those that have been on the BRIDGE card (our form of food stamps) for longer than a specific period of time are being cut off.  They had ample warning and October 1st is the deadline.

The howling has begun by all the do-gooders.   
"What will they do?!"  
"It's not fair!!"

Now, people are even saying that we must EXPECT an increase in crime and theft because people are going to "need to make up for it somehow".  

Now, those of us who do prepare for the hard times have to worry because of another "threat".  

I don't like what our country has become.  We had more pride when we didn't think it was government's job to take care of everything. 

My husband's Momo was a great example of that.  She worked a garden into her old age and was happy to share what she had instead of threatening someone who might take away a guarantee to an easy life.

Now, watch this; it has been circulating on the internet, has some bad language-- but watch what you can.  It's popular thinking, it's a popular music video, and it makes me absolutely sick.

Now that you've seen the worst, I don't want to leave you too depressed, this video should help you feel better.

What say you?


Marydon said...

Hubby & I were just discussing the lack of pride within this country. They expect the government to continue 'handing' them everything ... the government has taken away their pride. The democrats want to keep them this way.

I have memories, so like yours, of many folks who provided & cared & had pride for their selves. Pickin's may have been slim but they all survived, never whined or expected ...

Sad what this country has become ...

Great write/share.

Have a beautiful week ~

mum2matty said...

Love what you said! It's 100% true. My hubby and I have this discussion every once in awhile. People these days have the me, me, me mentality and it's getting to be a huge problem. The younger generations are now starting off with that mentality because that's all they've ever seen and known. I think there are a lot of people that feel the same way as you've written but we don't use our voices or push our government because it's a very touchy subject and you end up looking heartless and cold for having that opinion and voicing it. I know that I'm raising my son to know better and to work hard for what you want.

lil red hen said...

You GO girl!! Great post!!

nancy said...

wow sad but true.
and when you think about how do we as people turn this around the only thing that comes to mind is united we stand, divided we fall.

barb said...

Hear hear. Paper says 47% of country on some kind of government subsidy! But no one wants to take responsibility for this mess? Let me do it!

Milah said...

Joni, I was blessed to have a grandmother just like Momo! I think of her every single day and I wonder what she would think if she saw the laziness and apathy of people today.

My church has many people in financial need. I've been brainstorming with friends on how to help the poor help themselves rather than start another program of handouts. I shared my laundry soap recipe with the ministry team and we gave away free samples. It's been three months and it has become a hit! Many people have come to the church asking for the recipe. Unfortunately, there are still those who are only looking for free detergent, who don't want to put forth the effort to make their own. Just like the guy in the video, they have no shame. I can't wrap my head around that. I would be so embarrassed using and EBT card, let alone making a video of it!

Shirley said...

You have got to read this article - I saw it immediately after reading your post.


Your post was very good! Thanks for sharing.

Our Country Bungalow said...

I agree with everything you've said here. Well done!

I remember back in the 80's when Gov. Engler was on board with ending the G.A. (General Assistance) program. The Detroit newspapers ripped the idea to shreds, claiming that people would freeze to death in the streets (among other things). Well it was brought to an end anyway and where did those poor folks go? Home, to friends, to churches, etc....the state was no longer just handing out checks to able-bodied adults. People just went off and found other ways to get by.

I am with you in hoping for a return to common sense! (although I can't say I am terribly optimistic)

Great post!

Carol said...

Here's the thing.....Work is good!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Fantastic post -- sad, depressing and yet so true. I especially like your line about taking the pride away from the poor. My great-grandmothers always had gardens as did my cousins grandmother who lived across the street. She would garden in the alley and she grew some of the best cherry tomatoes around -- we used to pick them, put them in a bowl with the salt shaker and take an evening walk. It is frightening to me how many young people don't have any life skills anymore -- when did we quit needing life skills? I don't know how we got to this place but I don't like it. I think people might be ready to revisit the past -- I saw a story about a guy who went on a cash only system (the envelope system, no less) and completely cleared his debt and lost a lot of weight in the process. I also got a news snippet that some places of business were going to quit taking debit cards. Hmm..maybe it is time to get back into the "real" world and really live life rather than having it handed out.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

So true and well said!! We have replaced pride with a handout, not a hand up!

Brenda Evans said...

AMEN to that Joni. My grandmother always had a garden and it was the best we ever ate in our life. If we ever had meat it was chicken on Sunday and we didn't complain because we thought we were rich with all the good food from the garden. Unfortunately our government has become nothing but a bunch of greedy, do nothings who are overpaid and worthless for this country. And I don't mean just one party but both. And don't even get me started on the handout and overseas trading bit - PALEEEEZ. Too much welfare and what can you do for me attitude.

Anonymous said...

Your right : (

Holly said...

What a great post! This generation of entitlement drives me crazy! What happened to hard work and the reward of that work? Why does everyone want something from nothing??? Why don't they care???
My own children are this way to an extent and I just don't get it. They certainly weren't raised this way.
People look at me like I'm crazy when I say I have 3 large freezers full of food from my garden, not to mention all the canning!!! But I love being prepared and being able to share!!!
I think there are some serious tough times ahead, and unlike people like you hubbys grandma and mine, they aren't going to know how to deal with it. There will be more crime, because people will be desperate. Sad, truly sad.
Thanks again for sharing a great post!

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is the truth. I heard a saying years ago that stuck with me. It said that the downfall of America would be due to tolerance. We have tolerated the behaviors of men and women voted into public office erroneously believing they have our best interests at heart. Until we stand up and speak out and remind them that they work for us and that we're not going to stand for it any longer, I don't think things will change short of a Revolution. If any American handled their private budget the way our government is handling theirs, they would be put in prison. I don't know how much longer things can go on like they are without our government collapsing and what a sad day for the world when it happens. All those other countries depending on us to feed them and meet their needs, what will they do??? Sad, sad day indeed.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Just wrote a response and then lost it, so her I go again.
I agree with everything you said. The government has created an "Entitlement Society". By allowing 47 percent of the population to pay no Federal Income tax, and then giving "Earned" tax credits to millions, it takes away incentive to earn more, better one's situation and be proud. I am not at all surprised that the current administration is talking about increasing unemployment compensation for another year, on top of nearly two years of eligibility now. What is the incentive of looking for a job, if you can get food stamps, Medicaid, and a nice check in the mail for years?
I had grandparents like your husband's grandma. My grandfather had a large garden every year, well into his eighties. My grandma and aunt canned hundreds of quarts of fruits and vegetables every year. They never went hungry because they took care of their own needs.

Recently, I passed a food bank and saw a woman putting large bags of food into her truck. She had a very large expensive boat attached to that truck! I know there are people who truly try hard, and need help at times, but too many others feel entitled to have someone else take care of them.
We are robbing our children and grandchildren of a secure future, by continuing to enable so many to be so dependent.

mary your sis said...

Being "poor" used to be an incentive to work harder. Your Momo worked hard even with disabilities, and no one could bribe her to vote for them with our taxdollars. That's why politicians in both parties tolerate and even reward illegal aliens. They're trying to buy their votes with our tax dollars! With so many in the wagon, who is left to push it up the hill?

Becka said...

True American poetry my dear.
I had a Grammy and mom-in-law who were fine examples, just like Momo. I was blessed enough to learn from them. We grow veggies and fruits here at our farm. We also take trips to the mountiams for wild berries, apples and figs. We can, dehydrate and freeze.
I have 3 daughters whom I've passed on the importance of taking care of, not only themselves, but Mother Earth, family, friends and your neighbor. While they didn't always like it, they can pit up a good jam, batch of tomatoes, and make great loaf of bread.
Now I'm workin on the grandbabies.
We live in CA in a poor county so I see lot's of folks taking advantage of the system and it just makes me feel ill.
Thank you for sharing your heart.
The Girasole Lady