Monday, September 19, 2011

iPhone Photography: In The Middle of Nowheresville!

This is what is so strongly inviting to me...the old back roads, especially dirt roads, beckon to me.

It was a beautiful weekend.  

And Sunday was no exception.  We took the back roads from church to home and I had nothing but my iPhone with me and I was a back seat passenger in the Suburban, so....

Down came the windows and occasionally, I'd ask for the speed to slow enough so that the little pencil-lead sized opening on my iPhone could capture some of the scenery spread out before me like a patchwork quilt.

(Luke's getting his hours in for a driver's license, and November is his birthday.  My last one to drive...I'm not sure I'm ready, but he's doing well!  See that fixer-upper behind Luke?  It's a beautiful old home that needs someone to fix it up.  It sits on the most picturesque little curve out on the back roads....)

He did well being the getaway driver for my "drive-by shooting"!

Sometimes, having only the iPhone is good.  It makes taking photos simple:  point, and shoot.  Not a lot of time is taken with composition or worrying about what button needs pushing, no lens to adjust.

It's little like the old-time cameras--simple.  And the look when finished?  That looks a little like the old time photos from when I was a kid:  the decidedly seventy-ish cast to the pictures, I kind of like that look once in a while.

Sugar beets growing in a field....I know lots of you get cane sugar, but up here, we get our sugar from beets that grow in the ground.

Old abandoned barns make me feel melancholy.  And the colors in these photos double it.

Big open fields, big open sky.  Just the way I like it.

A for-sure sign of fall here in Michigan is plentiful goldenrod.  It's EVERYWHERE.

I took the time to appreciate this garden of flowers next to an old farmhouse, zinnias and marigolds in a garden are captivating, always.

I hope your Tuesday is delightful, in all the simple ways.


Tanya said...

Unbelievable IPhone pictures! Man, that is quite a camera on that phone!! Those pictures were fabulous....I feel all warm and cozy!! The barns always tug at my heart....I say to my husband when we see old rotting falling ones, "Don't you wonder who built it and like to imagine a farmer in his hey day just so proud of it? And now it's so sad and it's over and no one is there any more to tend to it." My husband generally looks at me like I'm a nut! I'm a sentimental fool!
Thanks for sharing...

aimee said...

So LOVE the back, country or mountain roads too--gravel being my favorite:)
Family and friends are all used to me asking them to slow down (or even stop) for photos! I am amazed at the iPhone's capabilities for taking photos--my son has one too and it does really well!
Be blessed,

Kerin said...

Your pictures turned out great!
I live in the middle of 'no-wheres' and I love it :)
How lucky we are to have such beautiful scenery all around us. It's quite, and allows me to reflect on the simple things in life.
Have a happy day.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!! Amazing work that your IPhone does!! WOW!!!! I love old barns, too. Such history there...if only they came with a recorded history lesson.

I've been away from visiting many this summer. It has been a hectic one, to say the least. I think of you often, especially when I come across cowboy themed items.


nancy said...

Thanks you Joni for the beautiful country ride. I adore barns, I could spend all day looking at them. I also went on a country drive this weekend in the state of washington. But now I feel like i got a bonus with a country ride in michigan. I use to drive those back roads too there. Its spectacular there in the fall so much color. which leaves me to a request if I may. I would love to see some fall photos when the leaves change there. have a wonderful day. Nancy

Grandma Becky said...

I love the iPhone photos too! Thanks for sharing and I am like in the country with you taking those photos. I'd have a blast there. I love old buildings as well.

Linda said...

Great shots...I love barns....thank you for sharing them. It's time for me to go "barn shooting" again, especially now with all the beautiful Fall colors.