Friday, September 2, 2011

From Autumn: A SWEET Vintage Picnic Basket

When I got to Autumn's baby shower, she met me at the door with this sweet-as-can-be Thank You gift she had put together.  What a thoughtful thing to do...totally unnecessary and unexpected but so very sweet.

(Autumn & Clint on their wedding day.)

She told me this was a picnic set for my Mustang, Sally, and that she had found each of the items in thrift stores and put together a picnic set for me.  

The thrifted basket held a vintage Thermos in turquoise, four yellow plates, four sets of aqua plastic silverware, and four aqua cups.

As you can see, there is also a basket liner, which is really a picnic napkin liner, four new napkins in a vintage diner print she made that match the place settings.  Oh, my garsh!!

How clever is that?!  
And the colors in the napkins, how perfect are they?

With Autumn and Clint just now buying their first home before baby arrives, what a clever way to give a gift without breaking the bank, and to me, it's even more special because of the creativity, consideration and time that went into it!

I love it, Autumn!  Thank you!

This little basket also makes me think...

I can't wait to use it, and I've completely neglected Sally this summer.  I think I should go check on her.

Anyone up for garage sales today?  
I can bring lunch!


Deanna said...

what a neat, neat, neat gift!!!
May you have a great week-end,

Grandma Becky said...

love the picnic basket you received and so useful. How thoughtful of Autumn to give that to you for the baby shower you so kindly gave her. Fun and special. Staying home this weekend and doing stuff around the house. I am hoping the part for our washer comes today so hubby can fix it. I need to go to laundromat today, 2nd time this week. Oh dear, but it's ok. I'm thankful the dryer works! Have a good weekend!

Julie Hinds said...

going to Potter rd sales Sat. the Hidden creek sub. sale, I've gone every year I can for quite awhile, I always manage to find some good stuff, starts at 9, every gone?