Saturday, August 6, 2011

You Know It's Summer When...

When you have BLT's twice in one week, just because you're so thrilled at the juicy, tasty tomatoes, and how long it's been -- since way last summer--you've tasted one like that.

Then you have tacos twice in the next week, just for the fresh salsa in which to use those sweet tomatoes!

When it's been so hot and you're thrilled for a couple of rainy, dreary, cloudy days in a row...for relief.  

Relief for the garden, which is too big to easily keep watered, relief for the lawn which had turned into millions of sharp needles under our feet, and relief for the birds and other animals.

Precious hours snatched here and there...just a small pleasure of an afternoon spent floating in the pool, with eyes closed, yet still seeing the dappled sunlight reflecting off the water and through my eyelids.  Listening to the sounds of the breeze in the trees overhead, the lazy-sounding engine of a small plane flying over, and feeling the cool water on my toes.

Enjoying the luxury of green all around us, corn in thousands of rows, standing like soldiers at attention.

Mornings that are slower in pace than at any other time of year...savoring the quiet, the few extra minutes in bed.

Car shows, festivals, county fairs, something going on all the time because soon we'll be back to hibernating.

Easy cares, easy wear...light clothing, shoes and the windows down as you drive down a country road on a summer afternoon.


Marydon said...

Ahhhh! that fresh country air. Actually, when 'maters com ein we have a BELT sandwich every day for lunch. (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato).

Have a great weekend ~

Valerie said...

LOVE this post!

Are you surviving this heat...I think you had some high temps too, right? And I know y'all aren't quite as accustomed to the heat as us Kansans are? It's been brutal here, and my garden flopped. The sunflowers on the other hand are prospering!


Vicki said...

So glad I found your blog! Love it!
We had BLT's tonight for dinner...SO good..Have a wonderful evening....

~~Carol~~ said...

Yes, we need to squeeze all of the fun that we can out of summer, because too soon it will be over! And it sounds like somebody is going to be very sick of tomatoes any day now!

Teresa said...

Joni, the paragraph about floating in the pool....I love the simple details you've described. You captured the essence of summer with those words.

Deb said...

Your words are like grandma's feather bed. Blessings

Vintage Country Girl said...

Just got back from Michigan for a long weekend where my husband grew up. Back to Indiana where I can relate with EVERYTHING you just posted. I'm ready for fall, and not anymore hot weather. Hope our "cool down" this week really happens!