Monday, August 1, 2011

Is It Monday Again? More Blueberry Kitchen @ Pine Hollow Lodge

I can't believe our summer is slip-sliding away from us, melting like a Popsicle on a hot, steamy afternoon. 

Where did July go?  Did it disappear with the fireflies?

Do you remember that the old folks always told us when we were young, that the older you get, the faster time goes by?

As a kid with rose-colored glasses, I told myself that could not possibly be true, and have found recently that I'm becoming a convert to that way of thinking--like the old folks....they might have been right, it does seem like time speeds faster these days.

But let's not think about summer speeding by at the speed of lightening, okay?

Let's think about BLUEBERRIES!  'Tis the season!  

Remember the BLUEBERRY KITCHEN at Pine Hollow Lodge?

I wanted to show you some new goodies Mary made for her cute-as-pie kitchen.

My sister is just so creative and crafty.  She loves the pennants seen around the bloggy world and incorporated that into a new valance to hang over her kitchen sink.  It's such a cheery curtain, I knew you'd want to see it.  Lots of work went into the detail, but as you can see, it paid off.

She found coordinating fabrics with blueberries and bought some of each of them and made them into more kitchen accessories--not just a valance.

She's got a cute pennant she made hanging from her blueberry display shelf opposite the kitchen window.  Also, she lined various baskets around the kitchen with the fabrics she had leftover, and here you can see one she lined and finished off with a ruffle sitting on her counter.  (If you haven't seen my original post with Mary's blueberry kitchen, you can see it here.)

There's that awesome wall art that is a framed story book,   "Blueberries for Sal", Mary's favorite childhood story.

Above it is a display of blueberry -themed pretties gathered from various places and all looking like it was planned.

I found the blueberry wreath at a garage sale, never had seen one like it before, and never have seen one like it since.  Once we blasted the dust off it, 'twas beautiful!  And then last summer, we found that adorable ironstone blueberry canister at a garage sale where they were selling off grandma's stuff, and Mary snatched it up for next to nothing!  It's been well-loved, making it even more adorable than if it was new!

I gave Mary that vintage ironstone bowl on the right with the fruit on it for one of her birthdays, I found it at a garage sale soon after she chose the blueberry theme for her kitchen.  It's a beauty, too.  

It's so much fun to know someone likes vintage items as much as you do, makes it easy to buy for birthdays, and we spend very little on each other but still have wonderful and special surprises.

Thanks for stopping in and have a GrEaT mOnDaY!


melanie said...

The fabric is gorgeous!!! Love the curtain :) xx

Laura said...

I must have missed the first post, will have to go back and check it out. I had decided to re-do my kitchen in blues and yellows (someday hopefully soon) and, since we have a huge blueberry patch here, was thinking of incorporating a blueberry theme. Then I open up to read your post today and...I see a blueberry kitchen! I love it!

Penny said...

Love your sister's blueberry kitchen! Did she frame the pages of the story book herself -- or was it bought that way? Love the idea!
Have a great week........

lil red hen said...

Really, really nice!! And I'd like to be one of your friends on my birthday! :)

Deb said...

The curtains are gorgeous!