Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Happy Place

We took the winding road to our "happy spot" in Northern Lower Michigan last week.

It is located on the map of Michigan in what would be the tippy top of your "little finger" if you held up your left hand, palm down.  (Michiganians often use their hand for the "mitten" part of our map.  Ha!)  

This is a little-used but very beautiful place that we've grown to love more than anyplace in this great big State, that we've been.  

Yes, even Mackinac  Island, the holy grail of tourist stops in Michigan. 


Because there are no frantic tourists here, no fudge shoppes, no tourist traps.

It's just a place to be appreciated for what it --so simply-- is.

The Leelanau Peninsula affords many, many views as beautiful as this.

North and South Manitou Islands off in the distance give our gaze a place to rest, in the endless looking  body of water that is Lake Michigan.

We found a beach we had almost completely to ourselves, and could see no one for miles and nothing but this scene for our eyes to feast upon.

Our car was left up on the high shore above us and we walked down the bank to the beach,  every care just melted away with the rhythm of the waves.

We decided we'd rather be here than just about anyplace we can think of.

(I just want to say this, and I hope I don't offend, but this is how my mind works; and I tend to be very independent in my thinking...but this is something that has bothered me for a LONG time...
Here goes...

Some people think that DISNEY is the happiest place on earth.
I have to respectfully disagree because I just can't appreciate plastic, manufactured beauty like I can this beauty put here by the Creator.  

Disney causes me stress and is far from relaxing, we tried it:  ONCE.  Never went back.  Not apologizing for that.  I always think of all the natural beauty that people will drive right past -- like those from Michigan that go straight through the Smoky Mountains and don't stop to see that incredible National Park--without even stopping to look at what GOD put there for them to see--to get to Florida to pay good money--all just to see the plastic creation of Walt Disney!  It makes me shake my head.)

Okay, I feel better now.

Approaching the turquoise sparkling waters is exciting in itself.

One of the Manitou islands seen from a distance, this part is called "whale back"...

Seen only as a dot in the distance, I put the zoom on to catch a photo of this gigantic freighter, always a thrill to see no matter what.

SO with out quilt in hand, we descend the bank and walk to the beach, and spread it out, plop down, and drink it in.

No Sea-doos, speedboats, nothing to look at but what God made.
No sharks, jellyfish, or anything to worry about hurting us in the fresh, blue waters.

So, where is YOUR happy place located?

I'd love to know!


Brenda Evans said...

I agree with you about the natural God-made scenery. There is nothing else like it. A friend and I hit the Tetons one year a few days before they closed for the summer and there were practically no tourists at all. We had the place to ourselves. We sat by Hidden Lake and it was so peaceful and gorgeous I didn't want to leave. Just seeing all the animals in their habitat without millions of people wandering about was wonderful. I grew up and around the Smokey Mtns and they are unbelievable. My most favorite place is anywhere there is country with barns and farms and small towns. Love IT !

Cher' Shots said...

We used to live in Alaska and my favorite place was sitting up on the hillside where we used to pick lowbush cranberries, overlooking gorges and across to the next mountaintops. Now living in Upper Michgigan I love being on the shorelines of Lake Superior or Lake Michigan. Thanks for sharing pics with us. I loved them all but my favorite is the roses against the corner of the house.
'hugs from afar'

Penny said...

I love the peace and serenity of the ocean, mountains, and fields. The beauty of it all is amazing to behold. But I love DisneyWorld as well! It's like apples and oranges to me -- can't really compare the two. Love all the country has to offer!!
Beautiful photos of your happy place!! I can see why you like it so much there.....

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hi Penny: I just want to make it clear, I am not anti-Disney, I just think it's a shame when it's an EXCLUSIVE vacation spot to the exclusion of such beautiful scenery! I hope that came through, that's how I meant it! {{SMILE}}

Tammy said...

We moved to Wisconsin in 1997(we lived there for 6 years). I was in awe the first time I saw Lake Michigan, (from the other side of course). It was very blue, or turquoise as you said. I expected it to be a murky green brown color. But I guess the Artist himself had a different idea!

T said...

That place looks beautiful! I totally agree with your take on Disney World. The kids wanted to go this year but instead we leave for Colorado in 20 days to go rafting, jeeping, and hiking - in REAL beauty!

Penny said...

Oh my -- no problem, Joni! I understand what you mean -- there is so much to see across the country that using vacation time to only go to Disney would be a shame. And Disney certainly isn't for everyone.....

While we haven't been to DisneyWorld in quite some time, we have always enjoyed ourselves there. It was one of our daughters' favorite places -- still is even though they are all now adults! It's an escape -- one of the places where you can get lost in the fantasy of it all. It has it's place with us, along with the mountains, farmlands, oceans, etc. It's all fun and wonderful!

Love your blog!! You have some really beautiful photos of your area. We lived (many moons ago!) in Mich. -- in Kalamazoo and Jackson. My husband and I both worked for Consumers Power Co. But his job has taken us to several different areas -- we have landed back in the NE. We are both native NYer's, and will be moving soon into my grandmothers homestead in NY. Can't wait!!!

Have a good evening, Joni......