Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Simple Pleasures: A Green Cornfield

We have "corn-front" property.
For this season.

We are not the farmers, but we sure do enjoy this crop...this might be the fourth time in twenty years that we're going to be completely surrounded by corn.





Corn to the south.
Corn to the north.
Corn to the east.
Corn to the west.

It's beautiful!

And we love it.

The contrast of the rich green against the blue the best.

Ain't nothin' like corn all 'rowed up'!  

This corn is a little behind in height because it got planted so late in the season.  (Lots and lots of rain.)

The cornfields are like my ocean.  I can watch as it changes, from a new green, to a mature green.  I can see the sunset fall on the horizon of the corn, lighting up the tops of the waving crop in its glow.

The corn changes like the ocean.


It's new young green vibrance.

When it tosses and the straw-colored tips appear.

When it grows ears, and matures.

When it dries out and is ready to go to the grain bin, then is when it is a beautiful backdrop to our life, with its pungent and beautiful smell that I associate with the smell of fall and of harvest.

What surrounds you this year?


Shabby Life said...

How beautiful! Personally, I do not like eating corn...but I love the way it looks! ;)


Hollace said...

This is beautiful imagery. It reminds me of Sarah, Plain and Tall who comes to the plains from the coast and the kids worriedly ask her if she misses the ocean. She says just what you said, that she can see the waves of the sea in the movement of the wheat...
Lovely post.

camp and cottage living said...

I remember running through my grandpa's cornfields in Missouri.We used to say "Knee High by the 4th of July" And it always was.
I am surrounded now by the forest. Well almost, the lake is on our front side!

Heidi said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the south and I love your pics!