Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shadow Shots: In the Summertime...

Since Jamie and Levi have been home, her daddy and I have been sleeping upstairs and we let her have the Master with the bathroom.  

She is six months along now, and it's too much for her to be trudging up and down those steep farmhouse steps several times each night.

So, I've been waking up in a different bedroom, our old room upstairs under the old silver maple tree, and the largest window in the room faces east.   

It's nice to have the sun awaken you, and lay in the bed and watch from the bed, the shadows from the waving maple branches move on the ceiling and walls...the movement and the sound of the rustling branches, well, it's  just mesmerizing.

The summer sun is higher in the sky at 7:30 on a summer morning than it is on a winter morning, so I shot some shadows for you this morning, quickly, before they went away.  

Shadows are something that is a normally only reserved as a subject for my restless winter camera trigger finger, and is something new for summer light....I kind of like it.

When I went downstairs to make coffee, I saw even more shadows, and though they're a little more mellow they're still pretty.

(I kind of enjoy coming downstairs to make coffee.)

(Are you a picture tucker?  I have noticed something about myself recently, I tuck small pictures everywhere!)

I hope you have a pleasant summer morning as well, with a nice cuppa somethin' and some beautiful light bouncing around your eastern windows to savor and enjoy, too.


And, I've been meaning to ask, what do you call your parents?  A bunch of us "kids" were together on Sunday and it occurred to me that all adults might not call their mothers "mama" like my family.  We all range in ages from mid-thirties to almost sixty.

My kids call me mom or ma....mama was when they were little and somehow they transitioned it to MOM themselves at some point.

One of my friends calls her mother "mum" which sounds English, but they're not!  My mom called her mother "mum" because her mother was from an English family, first generation.

But when I grew up it was Mama, Daddy was daddy, and we never transitioned calling them anything else.  But, when I speak to any others except my siblings of them, it's "my mom" or "my dad"....weird, huh?


Penny said...

Good morning! Beautiful shadowy photos!
I call my mother "Mom" or "Ma" when I speak to her, and "Mommy" when I'm talking to my siblings about her. Weird, no? (and it ain't like we siblings are youngins, either!)
Have a great day!

basketsbyrose said...

Good morning to another wonderful summer day. I called my mother "mom", and my MIL Ethel. She does not like being called mom by anyone other then her boys. Daughter in laws can only call her Ethel! Enjoy your family and have fun!

Laura said...

My parents were Mama and Daddy, which became Mom and Dad...although it took me much longer to stop calling my dad "Daddy". Since they've both passed on, I sometimes go back to calling them Mama and Daddy when I'm talking to them in my heart.
Same with my kids, although our daughter still says "Daddy".
My in-laws were always Ma and Pa. They were to their own kids, then to the in-law kids, then the grandkids and now the great grandkids. There's just Ma now...Pa's been gone almost seven years.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

My parents were, and always will be, Mama and Daddy -- to my kids they were MeeMaw and Banker (long story and it didn't involve money!). I didn't call my MIL anything until I had kids and then she became Granny. My kids still call me Mom and their father Dad and the grandkids call us Nona and Gramps. When the first grandchild was born I sort of shunned any of the "G" words but now I wish I was just plain Gramma.

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

I absolutly love shadow pics. I usually do outdoor shadowy pics, but now I'm thinkin I need to do some indoor ones. I can't imagine scenes without shadows. I guess the shadows in life make the sunny places all the more special too ;)
Thanks for the great post!