Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Restless Patriot Rant: Perverted Men In High Places

Today's content isn't vintage, or pretty, or fun...and if you want something sweet and sunny, you might want to exit this page and log onto another blog.

Lawlessness in high places is nothing new.

And, I know Rep. Wiener and his situation is sad, ridiculous, laughable, even for the jokes that write themselves for someone who is such a parody of himself.  I have made many jokes about this myself, I will admit--one just can't help it.

(I do think the man should resign, and that he'd do well in the male enhancement drug commercials, I'm sure they'll be glad to snap him up.  He's perfect.)

But then I look at the serious side of it...

What really matters is this:  he is a scum sucking, yellow-bellied sapsucker and a sad excuse for a man and an even worse husband, and son.  

I cannot imagine the shame his family feels.  He was embarrassing enough before this self-inflicted scandal broke, I'm surprised it stayed down this long, as many women as he was carrying on with.

I want to know, how did someone this inept, and clearly not serious at all about his job--a very serious job, have time for all this playing around?  

After all he's in his Congressional offices, logged in to facebook, playing around with his cell phone taking all sorts of pictures of himself--all the time.  He was carrying on this way with more than one woman--for years!

Is this so-called man worth the sacrifice of our soldiers to make it possible and make him worthy of the office he holds?  Clearly not.

Is this pervert looking out for the best interest of Americans, yes, even the legion of liberals who elected him in New York?  Clearly not.

I ask you, is THAT the best we've got --is this the quality and caliber of man that we want making decisions that will affect us and our children and grandchildren for DECADES?

This clown voted for OBAMACARE--put this burden onto me and my family.  I'm supposed to think that he gave it any sort of serious consideration?!  

Is this mental 12-year-old someone I want to be privy to National Security Issues that concern millions of Americans?  CLEARLY NOT.

I want to tell you that if you have not ever heard of this clown before the scandal broke, he is an idiot--plain and simple, as well as a loud-mouthed attention hog, as liberal and as crazy as they come; as far to the left as a person can get.  

THIS IS NOT anyone worthy of the soldier who defends him, he doesn't deserve to eat the dirt off their boots.

I hate to have my sons see the likes of this man in high office.  Think about the "Internet predator" part of this whole mess.  Some of these women were college age!  The depths of his hypocrisy?  HE sponsored a bill to "protect children from Internet predators":  men like him. 

How about this, that this lewd, irreverent pig--according to the Democrat party, was "next in line" for the mayor's job of New York City?!  

Surely, this country is in more trouble than it could possibly know if that is the caliber of men we send to Washington.  

Liberals pay lip service to "women's rights" --but do they actually BELIEVE in what they say, do they ever display action to back up their words?  He's a sexual predator and--so far--they are not DEMANDING that he step down.  

They'll make a pretense at an investigation, slap him on the wrist like they did with Charlie Rangel and so many others...and he'll still be sitting in his Congressional office for the rest of his term, if they have their way.  Look how long Ted Kennedy got to stay!

Where is the women's advocacy organization N.O.W.?  Well, I'm sure they'll be characteristically silent, because he's one of their own, and is an advocate for all of N.O.W.'s pet projects one of which is Planned Parenthood.

This man not only lied about what happened, he lied about the fact that someone else did it to him.  Not only that, but the press accused those that broke the story of making it up!  

As usual the mainstream press converges around their  darlings, and they lapped up Rep. Wiener's blabbing for their cameras and all of his feigned outrage.  

Andrew Breitbart, with biggovernment.com did a great job dribbling this story out, and then watching Rep. Wiener twist in the wind and get himself in deeper and deeper and deeper. 

At the press conference where Rep. Wiener was to appear, Breitbart was in the audience and was getting so many questions fired at him from the mainstream press--like HE was the criminal!--from the goons with cameras, all hot to stand their ground for Wiener, that Breitbart strode to the podium and did his own press conference before Wiener appeared!  

(It's a long listen, but so worth it to listen to him point out all the ways the mainstream media mishandled this whole story.  Go here to see Breitbart at the press conference.)

Oh, and will Breitbart get any credit for being kind enough NOT to release the most embarrassing photos of Wiener to spare his family the embarrassment?  I think not.

I'm glad there are journalists still out there willing to do the hard work to expose frauds like this.

My sympathies go to his wife and family, I cannot imagine the embarrassment.  

Yet, we have members of the so-called press, like Chris Matthews, intimating that Wiener's wife might be "partly responsible"!?! 

But even more, I pity our country, and our government, that men like this can be so long in office and so utterly worthless.

Whatever happened to character, honor and courage?  
Where are the real patriots?

One more thing:  the scrutiny the mainstream press is willing to give to someone like Sarah Palin--who holds no office, and has absolutely NO power or authority over the American people--is huge in comparison to the kind of scrutiny they take with someone like Rep. Wiener.  

For an example:  watch THIS ridiculous excuse made by Walters of the blabber show, The View.  She makes the case for keeping Wiener in Congress!  Unreal!

Their agenda comes first, you and I clearly come second.

Meanwhile, ROME BURNS.  The really important stuff isn't getting a second glance, we have to hear hours of coverage for a pervert and a predator.

(I ask, where is John Wayne when you need him to give someone a whuppin'?!)  


peggy said...

Those men like John Wayne???Where have they gone????

Jenny said...

Well, I'm not American and before today I had actually never heard of this man, but it has been all over the news here in Australia also...
I couldn't agree with you more though! Our children do need men to stand up and prove that decent, solid, God fearing men are still at work in this world..! It seems every time we turn around there is another high powered man who has absolutely no self control! Great post and loved it when you called him a yellow-bellied sapsucker ;)!!
Have a great week!
Jen xo

Farmgirl Cyn said...

We are goin' to hell in the proverbial handbasket if this country does not turn around. We must get on our knees and intercede before God says "Enough!". I can only shake my head....not in disbelief, but in shame and sorrow for this mess.

Debbie said...

I was on my way to write a similar post this morning, but you saved me the trouble. You said it much better than I could have. I saw pictures of him with his new wife (married in July). She's gorgeous! Poor girl! With so many men in politics like Mr. Weiner today, and women with no concience and no moral character like Nancy Pelosi, I'm sure they do wonder what all the flap is about. Seems normal to them. Thanks for getting the truth out there 'no holds barred'!

Debbie said...

PS, that's 'conscience', to be correctly spelled.

Brenda Evans said...

Well I am in total agreement no matter what their party affiliation is - our country is going to hell in a hand basket. The number of politicians that are constantly being brought to light is incredible. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Lee, John Ensign, Paul Stanley, Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, John Edwards and the infamous Bill Clinton. And the list could go on and on and on and on.......

Anonymous said...

Amen,Amen,Amen, I agree to everything you said!

Kerri said...

Just found your blog today,and am so thankful! You comments are right on. Thank God. Sometimes, you just feel alone out here. We have leaders that are so immoral and corrupt to their very souls it is discouraging. The Clinton's tentacles are never very far from every sleazy lowlife in public office, I don't know why I was surprised again.

basketsbyrose said...

You have hit the nail on the head! Sorry to say John Wayne and men like him are long gone! This country is in deep, deep trouble, and all the news stations are talking about him. We have bigger problems that need to be taken care of!

Our Country Bungalow said...

I am in agreement 110% !!
I have laundry to do...food to prepare...etc...
So DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!! on the current state of our unrecognizable country...
Thanks for taking the time to post what needs to be said.
Keep up the good work.

Sabrina @Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Amen to that.... you said it all. Thank you for your post.

Cher' Shots said...

Thank you for speaking my mind! I agree whole heartedly! He and others like him (including women) belong on the bottom of the status pole not the top. If his family cant trust him, why should the public?
'hugs from afar'

Buttonchief7 said...

Great piece and sadly so true concerning our once great country.

MOJO said...

When you have a baby-killing, lying, partying, know-NOTHING, so-called leader of this country, why would anyone be serious about their jobs. Clinton and this idiot have destroyed so many young minds. I regret our military having to be at any war when these low-lifes live immorally off our taxes. Can you imagine they wanted to stop paying our military - what a bunch of satanic snakes. Keep up the rants.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

AMEN! Weenie man needs to be horse whipped in public.

mary your sis said...

He has proven himself worthy of his name; and that's not a good thing! If I was that weenies' wife I think I'd beat the poo out of him and then look up Chris Matthews and give him a little of the same treatment!
One woman who he had texted said that he did this stuff so often she didn't know how he had time to do it. She is a college student and said she didn't spend that kind of time doing this stuff because "I have a life: I don't have that much time to waste!" And she was just ONE of the women he did this with. One woman he sent these photo's to is a porn star. How much time did he spend doing what he is paid by you and I to do??

T said...

AMEN!!!!!!! I have nothing else to say....you said it all and said it well!

Tanya said...

Just sitting here watching news coverage of it! He absolutely repulses me. And "his wife still loves him?" Oh good grief! I believe in death till you part....but this man broke his vows and disgraced his marriage. He is a poor excuse for a husband, father, representative of our country!

Cori said...

Amen! I agree whole-heartedly! Thank you for saying what I was thinking. More people need to stand up for our beautiful country before it is totally unrecognizable. God Bless the USA!

Anonymous said...

I am not American, but have heard about this man on the News and in our papers in Australia and couldn't agree more..and to read in yesterday's paper, his lovely wife is pregnant..Unbelievable!
He is a disgusting human being.
Keep up your fabulous work Joni..i love reading your blog.
luv Ann.xx

Katie said...

I myself have made many comments and poked fun at this "SO CALLED MAN" and his perverted adventures.What a sad individual and what embarassment he has brought to his family. I agree 100% with all that you said.You go girlfriend! Keep up the great work.