Monday, June 20, 2011

A MishMash of Bloggy Hash!

We need to talk, got a minute?  
Got a cuppa somethin?  Okay, good.  Nothin' heavy, just need to catch up with you.

Where have I been?  To see my grandson, my first, celebrate his first birthday!  He didn't know what was up but he had fun anyway, and NO MELTDOWN!  

I was so proud of him, he was so good that day...what with having a houseful of people and all, and they sang to him and cheered and clapped for him and watched him make a mess of perfectly good cake!  

I love it when one-year-olds look at you like you've lost your mind, because they're right.  First birthday parties make absolutely NO sense!  But what fun it was, I will have proof I was there with pictures. . . soon.

And we stayed a week and played and then...

Mommy and Levi came home with US to spend some time!  I'm plum worn out but having a blast.  You know what I mean, right?  Being a Nana is so much fun and so is sitting on the floor and playing--that is until it's time to get up!   I don't think I've plucked my eyebrows in a couple weeks--what with getting ready to go and being gone, now I'm home and I'm still too busy to look at myself in the mirror!  Ha!

It was hard for Jamie to pack Levi up and leave home, but, a girl needs time at home with family.  Home calls, in fact right now as I speak, Levi is asleep, and I am blogging and Jamie is in the family room watching old westerns with her daddy and they're having a nice visit, and their muted conversation is the background music as I write.  I love it, daddy and daughter having their time together yapping.  

Where have YOU been?

I heard from a pretty reliable source that comments have been extremely aggravating on Blogger lately.  Is that the case?  Have you tried to comment and had a problem?   Or, is it just because summer is so busy and you don't have time to comment!  

Am I all alone here, talking to myself in blogland?  

I hope I haven't lost my followers, because it's taken me four years to work it up to 479 of you friends and readers, and I don't want to lose all of you!  Stick with me until Blogger gets this worked out, okay?

Is the year REALLY half over?!?!??!?!? 

So...the photos in the post are random, but I seem to have selected some from the long, trying winter we had --and now in the throes of summer it seems somehow so, so, so, so far away.  

I had to check to make sure these really WERE taken in 2011.  They were, and somehow, my head suddenly feels all fuzzy and whirly and woozy because this year is flying by so fast, that my head is just swimming.  (I don't swim, but my head does sometimes.  I know, not swimming is yet another weird thing about me.)

I am Joni, and I have a Blog Problem.

Yes, I am ashamed, so ashamed.  I got addicted to starting blogs.  I mean it was so EASY!  I hang my head in shame.

Intervention has come.

In the form  Busy.  Life.

It seems to me that I started too many blogs in my blog life and my enthusiasm was overactive compared to the realities of my life.  So, all that to say a few of my blogs will be permanently closed and the one where I'm trying to post all the postcards and letters on "DEAR DORELY" will be a late fall and winter project.  

I apologize for what seems to have been a sad case of severe and morbidly obese blog ambitions.  I have to get healthier and cut some of this belly fat out, if not for anything else, just because I need to clear the clutter of my blog life.  

I have already begun to incorporate the RESTLESS PATRIOT into this blog and its own category.  I just could NOT keep up.

Dearest Dorely is something I really, really want to do, but time constraints just don't allow much posting on that blog right now, as sorting, photographing, and then translating is necessary.  I will keep that one open, as well as my recipe blog and my blog of blogs that I like to read.

Some of the letters to Dorely are in a foreign language, and some of the English is written so that it takes much time to sit and type out the text of the correspondence:  a perfect project for winter, it started out with a bang, and I feel so guilty for neglecting it now. To any of you that have followed, thank you--and please stick with me.  

What I plan to do is first to publish the letters on my main blog here, and then I will post all those over on the blog dedicated to Dearest Dorely.  This approach has worked well with my recipe blog, also.  Just a category all its own, where all the recipes are kept.  


Did you know that in less than a month I will begin the fifth decade of my life?  Yes.  It's true.  And I am feeling older at fifty like I didn't at forty.   But I ain't gonna let this birthday get to me, because the alternative is NOT what I want.  No.  I'm having too much fun!

Also, I have determined to get at least one book start to work it out of myself in the fiftieth year.   Does that sound weird?  Well, I've learned to look at book-writing like labor.  It's really hard and it hurts.

But unlike labor, a definite presentation of something happens ONLY if I do the HARD WORK....there is no Cesarean section that they can do to get this book out of me!!

I have a couple books in me.  I think I do anyway.

Home seems to be a hard place for serious writing.  If any of you have advice, I'd love to hear it.  Also, if you have a book idea for me, tell me!  I'll see if it matches the ideas I have for myself.

Are you still with me?  
Now I know it's no fun to have a friend who does ALL the talking, sooooo.....

Please, won't you do a little yapping yourself, and jabber on a little bit in the comments and let me see if that feature is working these days?  Oh, how I've missed you!

And I'd really like to know what you've been up to...and what you think about what all I've been up to,  and....

Exactly how you feel about looking at snow pictures in the beautiful month of June?   Does it disturb you deeply?

Your weird, nutty, blabbering friend,

PS:  Oh, and one more thing, for those of you mourning that you can't hear my music, just turn it on, girlfriends!  Hit the LARGE ROUND BUTTON (the one with the ARROW!) on the blue play list up top on the left hand side and you'll hear it.  

It's pretty easy to do and it doesn't disrupt the lives of the gals who read me at work and the music suddenly blares and gives away the fact that they're blog-hopping on the job~and then they're in all kinds of hot water....  ha~!

No, I'm just kidding, I don't have any readers that would do that!!

PPS:  I am going to admit this to you, just this once:  I feel very unsure of myself when posting recipes.  I don't know if I should continue it.  Please tell me what you think.  Peonies, I have no problem with, but pork bbq, I DO.  I am always afraid you won't like them and then be mad at me for wasting your time and money.


Debbie said...

I think what you said about 'busy' must be true of many bloggers right now. For myself, Handyman and I began tearing up a downstairs bedroom a few weeks ago to ready it for our Marine kids lighting here for a month starting in July on their way to Japan for 3 years. It is taking all my waking time! I've been trying to read blogs but not blogging and not leaving many comments. But you sounded sincere, so here I am when I should be scraping something@ :D
As the mom of 2 grown daughters (no grands yet) I can appreciate the love of visits. So happy for you that you are enjoying one now. Have fun. And don't let the numbers 5 0 scare you. I just turned 56 and aside from some extra stiffness and a few new laugh lines, I hardly notice the diff. You'll be fine! Go on now. Enjoy now! :D

MOJO said...

I have checked for you daily and really missed your blogging. I kinda figured you were with your precious grandson beings it was his birthday. I love your blogs, your recipes, and your opinions. Please continue as you have.

Renate said...

Joni, I think I found your blog through Restless Patriot. I agree with everything you say about where this country is going. I feel like we could talk for hours. I'm getting ahead of myself I do that sometimes!! I'm a stay at home mom of two boys Ken 12 and Patrick 9. I'm a wife of a 89 graduate of the united States Naval Academy and doggie mamma to a 125 lb. newfoundland. I look to your blog for encouragement. I try to create a peaceful and nourishing place for the men to come home to.I really don't see that locally.I live in Union heaven. Everyone thinks SB5 was terrible. Joe and I want to know why we should pay more for them to get it free?? Joe was a salary worker for Delphi. Things went downhill and Joe left and got a job at Diebold. He travels alot and I'm here trying to keep it together. So, please know I do read your blog. Because of your blog we are trying to schedule a trip to Holland,MI. It really looked darling.If you have any travel tips please email me at Have a great day with your grandson. Renate

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hi Joni - three seasons of the year are always busy on the farm and a lot of your readers are farmers. Then you add family illness, sports, church, etc. and time is simply more and more precious each and every day. It takes a lot of time to not only blog but also to respond to comments AND read the blogs of others.
As to recipes...I never use recipes as written as I consider recipes mere suggestions. I've been cooking long enough I can tell if something will work or not, will be good or not so I just skim the recipe and adjust to fit my kitchen.
Let's face and family come first then blogging -smile-.

Laura said...

I'm still here! I don't seem to have the same blogger problems that others have (except for posting pics a while back), but I did set up a wordpress blog just in case.
I envy you your time with your grandbaby! Someday my time will come. I hope!
I turned 50 last November. It's not so bad, even though I joke about my hearing, eyesight, hair, etc. :) Small things just seem to get worse. I sure don't feel 50!

Milah said...

A lot of crazy things happened in my 40's, now I'm 50 and and looking at the results of my 40's and it ain't pretty. I've got to get back in shape if I'm gonna see 60. Ugh, did I say that?

Keep the recipes coming, I'm going to try that brisket one later this week.

Brenda Evans said...

Hi Joni - I figured you were at the daughter's with that precious grandbaby. Glad you had fun and glad you are back - we did miss you. By the way, where is your recipe blog? I didn't know you had one.

Anonymous said...

Hi: I rediscovered your blog and I enjoy what you have to say about the country, family, your lovely farmhouse, and recipes. You are doing great, I think. I don't blog because it looks a little scary, but I sure love reading yours and others that I have put in my favorites so I can be sure to find them again.
I personally hope you don't quit writing, especially about the America that I love. I am glad to read what you have to say.
This is just a note of encouragement, but you need to do what is best for you.
I am thankful for being invited into your world.

Jenny said...

Hi Joni!

Still here and enjoying your blog... I did have such a problem with comments, it took ages to sort out, well not until I switched to Google Chrome... so I just want to tell you I am still enjoying your blog and your stories of your home and family... Grankids are just the best aren't they!!! soon like you I will be turning the big 50... lately I am really feeling it too LOL!!! Enjoy your week!
jen xo

lil red hen said...

Don't worry about being 50 -- I'm 70 and have been told I don't look that old; I told the person to look again! About writing the book -- a few years ago I wrote about the first ten years of my life so the grandchildren could know about the 1940s and the things that went on in our lives. Now I find that older people have enjoyed it more than the younger ones because it brings back so many memories for them.

Enjoy your time with the baby -- time does fly! Mine range in age from 12 to 24 and they have a way of veering off into their own paths.

Your blog is so very interesting, so keep going!!

Grandma Becky said...

Joni, I love your blog. It's refreshing and I read your blog. I don't always comment.Why? I love reading blogs and posting blogs of my own. I spend too much time on line, reading blog posts. I need to be making cookies right now. I will when I finish this comment. Promise. Blogging has opened a new world to me and I love sharing my photography with people.I nearly gave up blogging but have kept going. It's not something I need to do but it's fun. I love your photography as well. The old barns are great. Keep it up. And 50...just another birthday where both digits on life's odometer flipping over. Don't think of yourself as old, just more knowledgeable and experienced than the younger people. Hugs and enjoy your grandson. SO special for family to love! God's blessings!

Tammy said...

Oh Joni I love your blog I check it everyday. I figured you might be with that precious grandbaby when I would check your blog and it wasn't updated. Summer time always seems to be a busy time of year for everyone. And by the way there is not one recipe that I have tried that we didn't like. So keep posting please. I've gotten alot of ideas from you on decorating with vintage items and even made your rice bags for christmas gifts. I would be lost if you didn't blog. So keep up the good work and enjoy your daughter and grandson while you have them there. Oh and turning 50 piece of cake I'm 51 and didn't feel any different when the big 50 hit me last year. Take care.

Kathie Truitt said...

GREAT POST, Joni!! All of it and yes we're still here. I changed over to my laptop and now I can post comments again, except I can't figure out where my photos go after I upload them.
I am so glad you're getting to spend time with your kids both in Alabama and at your house. Love you dearly and I read you every. single. day.

Shabby Life said...

I absolutely LOVED seeing snow pictures in June! It's been way too hot here for too long. I am so ready for Fall. And the pictures are gorgeous!

As for your recipes, I haven't tried any yet, but that pork bbq recipe looked SO flippin good! I do want to try it don't stop posting! :)


Donna said...

Wow, what a long post! I'll never remember what all you said now. Don't sweat turning 50. it gets harder for the body after a half a century, but I wouldn't give up my hard-earned wisdom of the ages for nothing. In another year, I'll hit 60. I don't think I'll panic until 80. Yes, blogging is hard work and there are so many hours in the day. I'm doing shorter posts to cope. So you got a book or two in you, huh? Get a move on! I know you can do it. John Grisham and Alex Haley were from the school of writing a page a day. It obviously works for many successful folks! And happy b-day to your sweet grandson! They grow so fast... And yes, keep the recipes coming. A variety of topics is always welcomed.

Donna said...

And yes, your comment postings has been working just fine. I haven't commented much lately because I am just pressed for time with the consulting job.

Tanya said...

Hey Joni Peony,
I've been mighty bad at my own blogging and my commenting lately. And I've heard lots are having problemos with commenting....will you try commenting at my place?
I thought of you the other day...I"M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA! and I know the excitement in your life when it happened! Please talk talk talk to me! And you are going to be one again...YIPPEE!
We will have lots to chat about!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet Levi! I can't wait to see some pictures of the birthday bash!
How long does Jamie and Levi get to stay?
I love your recipes and all your projects so keep it up!
Question to the friendly gardener....I planted as I normally do a zillion impatiens....They are not blooming and flowering anything like they normally do. I did (out of being in such a hurry) just Miracle Grow potting stuff....too fluffy for my like. I normally do a mixture of black dirt, potting soil, peat moss, manure. I think that is my problem....what do you think?
Hurry back with a "What you and Levi did today" post!!!
I'm 51...don't like it...but don't know what to do. Can we quit saying our age at some point and just be in a category? Aging sucks if I may say! My mind still want to be in her 20's, or even 30's but I have to be in my 50's...good grief I remember when I was young and people said they were 5_ whatever and I thought they should be using a walker! Here I am!!!!!!

Joy said...

I keep hearing about people having trouble leaving comments... I haven't run up against the problem--blessed, I guess. Wow, that would be heartbreaking to lose Followers! I read a little big of your blog about those letters, it was interesting. Can't remember what else you wrote about-- oh, you're just turning 50?? Piece of cake. You probably still have your energy. Now, take me for example... worn out waaay too young!

Joy said...

oops! I meant a 'little bit' not a little big! Typo--sorry.

mary your sis said...

I sure have been having problems leaving comments: because my computer was at the hospital, LOL! Don't stop posting recipes, the ones I've tried are wonderful; which is saying a lot for me since I'm not much of a cook! Enjoy your time with Jamie and Levi. It is important for adult children to come HOME and spend some time with their families. Theres no place like home... theres no place like home!