Saturday, May 28, 2011

Take a Look Around You and See...

Recipe for happiness:

Look at a slice of your life through the camera lens.

It clarifies for you the beauty you might otherwise overlook.



Find beauty in what's around you...whatever that may be.

The new...

The familiar ...

The loved.

The ordinary.

But yet extraordinary...because we can appreciate it for the fact it's well-worn; its service and endurance in season after season.

What you may take for granted one day, 

Could easily be gone the next...

We've had so many reminders of that fact lately.


Look at how fortunate you really are.

So many are hurting, left with absolutely NOTHING due to freak tornadoes all over this country, flooding in so many places, weather that is really of an apocalyptic nature...

Do what ever you can to help.  

(I heard that FEMA is broke, and yet our leader is giving borrowed billions to North African nations. 
My fellow Americans....that means that it's up to us.)


Linda said...

FEMA is broke..the government is broke..but yet..yes, they give billions (with a- b not a- m) to other countries)--anyways..I so love coming here and looking at your pictures. They calm me and also make me smile. THANK YOU. BLESSINGS.

mary your sis said...

Yes and they will continue to borrow in order to give more billions to Pakistan and countries like Africa as you said. I wish George W. and Goerge H.W. Bush would urge Americans to give to those in the South as they have for Haiti and other countries with natural disasters... and just maybe the Obama's could return from their opulent European vacation to see to the needs of those in the country they were hired to represent. It's just that they like the Tea Parties in England so much better than the Tea Parties here in the United States!