Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Green

Oh, what beauty is in this old, old, old tree that sits beside and towers above our house with its green canopy.

She's at least 200 years old -- so we're told by the tree guy.  And she has her battle scars, all of us do as we age, hers are showing more and more these days.  

She's shaggy, messy, and more than once she's withstood lightning's direct hits.

Boom!  Crack!  Her bark powerfully blasted away from the exit wounds.

And yet, she still stands, bearing leaves and seeds, and giving us a beautiful umbrella which to sit under and enjoy the cool shade; home to many birds that sing from her protective branches each morning; playing along with her own sweet harmony with her gently rustling leaves.

Time grows in green patches on her trunk, yet she is still full of life.

Every storm that comes along has me fearing that it might be the end of her.

And yet still she stands, giving us the best she has to offer.  I want to appreciate this gift she's giving and remember her value.

So thankful the Creator made her to be what she is.

As are we.  

Shaggy though we might be, 
there is beauty He can still see.

Have a great Friday!


Cher' Shots said...

Old trees remind me of old people ~ chucked full of life and character! If only the younger ones would take the time to listen and appreciate them. They have much to share. Thanks for the wonderful entry.
'hugs from afar'

mary your sis said...

She has been a dear friend to your family... And makes us all realize how great is God our creator!