Monday, May 23, 2011

Small Town Charm: Holland IV --A Sweet Shoppe!

This is more on Holland.  I hope you can stand it!  I only took 476 pictures that day, and I have spared you about 422 of those.  And if I could stand another case of numb-butt from editing them, you'd probably be tortured with more pictures of Holland, Michigan than you'd ever care to see.

This is another post full of color; Holland had it in spades.  So many store fronts with old-fashioned window displays:  something that I think is becoming a lost art, something gone the way of hats in church and overcoats on men.

I still love those things when I see them and I still like an old-style storefront, a great display just beckons me, invites me to take a peek, and so I do.  The little surprises in life are the best ones!

After we watched the "klompen" and the "fashion show" downtown, we turned and found a small deli in which to have some lunch--we were famished, had done lots of walking.  We enjoyed ourselves at a fine little deli...

And when we left the deli, just a few doors down, we saw this sweet little shoppe:  The Holland Peanut Store.  I could tell from the look of the storefront that this just might be a window to take a closer look.

The name could fool you, but if you looked in the front window, this is what you'd see.  And you'd know that there was more than just peanuts in this store!

What a fun place!

In addition to having small souvenirs to remind you of your trip to Holland, there was every kind of candy in this store that you could imagine, all from your childhood until now!

I have to say, there wasn't one unhappy face in the place!

Who could be frowning in a store like this?

The proprietor told me that she loves the fact that everyone gets a little nostalgic when they walk into her store, and that she enjoys helping people with their selections.  She was all smiles, too!

For a little bit, when we first walked in, I just stopped and looked all around me, candy from the floor to the ceiling, and in every color and shape.

There was a full line of Brach's....two huge floor displays of every kind of Brach's you could remember, and the little white paper bags to fill with your selections.

I doubt if anyone could walk out of a place like this without at least a small bag of happiness to carry along with them!

Beautiful vintage-style candy showcases!

See the old tile floor?

Jawbreakers, anyone?

I grabbed a handful of these fruit slices, I LOVE them and haven't seen them in a long, long time!  The grapefruit were the best ones!

I didn't see Slo-Pokes on a stick, but I did buy a handful of these small ones.

Taffy, taffy, taffy!

I tried a new taffy flavor: caramel apple, and I loved it!

Taffy isn't something I am normally crazy about.

So, do YOU have a favorite old-fashioned candy?

If you're ever in Holland, stop by Fabiano's Holland Peanut Store!  Have a wonderful MONDAY!


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at your pictures! ;-) Looks like a fun place.

Brenda Evans said...

WOW I love taffy. I would have pigged out at that store. And I love the pictures of Holland. They are gorgeous and such a beautiful town. It doesn't bother me one bit if you posted the other 300 or so of them.

Hollace said...

I am enjoying seeing Holland through your camera lense. I wish I could go there...

Hollace said...

oops, lens.

Deanna said...

Happy day to you.

Sweet sweet pictures of sweet sweet things like CANDY!!!!!!!!!
Neat place to visit.

Glad you shared,

aimee said...

Now that was very, very yummy!! I will take a pound of anything fruity and sour--yum:) LOL
Have a great week Joni!

Joy said...

I am GLAD you are sharing your photos of your trip to Holland, MI! I'll probably never visit there, so you are saving me beaucoup bucks. Love all the colors, all the 'eye candy' (heeehehee...) So, you're not daffy for taffy? Me neither--worried that it might pull my crowns off my teeth! I remember as a kid visiting a neighborhood confectionary--loved the display cases with the penny candy. Candy necklaces, candy cigarettes, and those black licorice pipes were some of my faves.

Joy said...

P.S. I'm with you on the storefront displays... miss 'em. What a great selling point too.