Monday, June 6, 2011

Porch Sittin' Time: Patriotic and Pleasant

The old farmhouse has the market cornered on a color-theme for patriotic holidays that's made to order.

It's my favorite time of year, when we can pull out all the stops...
and enjoy the red, white and blue.

My favorite place to enjoy the patriotic colors is the porch!

Care to sit on the porch with me?

Come on out!

Which rocker do you want?  

There's a cozy throw on the back just in case you get a chill...

Here's a big mug 'o coffee....just the way you like it.
And a muffin, too.

Listen to that whisper of a breeze--and feel it so soft on your cheek and the birds singing and the leaves rustling over our heads. 

We can visit,

We can companionably read the newspaper...

Normally, I'm a hit-the-floor-in-the-morning and run type of person, and I don't stop often until my head hits the pillow that night.  

But, it's past time to take it a little bit easy.

How about you?

After that long and bitter winter, isn't it nice that the sky is finally blue and the air is pleasant, the breezes soft and gentle, and a soft carpet of green lays under that canopy of leaves?

Spring is feeling a whole lot summery.

The perfect time to enjoy a porch.
Thanks for sitting a spell.

So do you have a porch to enjoy?
 I hope so!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love all of charming..

love the red white and all looks so summery

happy to stop by today

kary and teddy

Donna said...

I love LOVE to sit out on that porch with you! it is one of the prettiest I have ever seen in my life!

Anonymous said...

I'll sit on the porch with you..and just watch the world pass us by for an hour or
luv Ann.xx

Diann said...

Your home is a beautiful background for the red and blue. I would love to sit on the porch awhile..then walk around and look at the flowers! And hang clothes on the line.

from my front porch... said...

Just beautiful, Joni All of it We are kindred spirits in our love of ~all things porch~
Have a wonderful day!
xo, misha