Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Country Mile...

Walk a Country Mile
Mildred L. Jarrell

I like to walk a country mile
On a pleasant summer's day,
Enjoying the many sights and sounds
I find along the way.

I hear the song the meadow brook 
Sings to me as I pass by,
And watch the birds so wild and free,
Soar swiftly 'neath an azure sky.

I wander up the hillside trail,
And see the fields below arranged
All crisscrossed lying o'er the earth
So like a patchwork counterpane.

I pass a meadow, green and wide,
Where cattle graze in shaded space,
And ducklings in the summer sun
Pass single file in measured pace.

I like to walk a country mile
And no matter where I roam
My heart is filled with gladness,
For the country is my home. 

This poem is from a 1966 issue of "Ideals" Magazine,
this particular title was called "Rural Ideals".
It's full of beautiful poetry sent in by readers.
One of my favorite things to pick up when I'm antiquing.
They are usually under $2 and full of beautiful poetry.

Remember IDEALS Magazine?


Penny said...

I always LOVED Ideals magazine! I remember when I was a grade school student we would have Ideals in our school library. Every holiday, especially at Christmas, I would study each page over and over -- the beautiful pics and wonderful poetry would get me soooooo excited for the holidays! It was definitely a big part of my past, and like you, I have purchased many issues of the old magazine through the years for my enjoyment now as well!
Have a wonderful week -- I always enjoy your posts!

Angela said...

Love the poem. Haven't thought about Ideals Magazines in forever. I have several stored away in the bookcase. Will be a good read on a hot summer afternoon. Thanks for sharing.

Danielle @ sixtasteschef.com/blog said...

I love your pictures. I just had a dream that a friend showed me a nest with 3 bright blue robin eggs! The nest is exactly one of those things you see on a country walk.