Monday, May 2, 2011

Deserved Honor


For all those lost on 9/11 and since then by the hands of Islamic terrorists at home and abroad,

For all the soldiers that never made it home; for all the mothers who lost their sons or daughters, children their fathers or mothers...

For all the soldiers that endured hardship, difficulty, hunger and thirst in the fight on those cruel deserts and mountain ranges, who came home from the fight wounded, either mentally, physically, or both...

For all the ones who are willing to call terrorism by name and condemn those Muslims who either practice jihad or silently stand by while others do...

JUSTICE WAS SERVED by the U.S. NAVY SEALS, to a little weasel of a man in a turban who hid behind a woman at the time yesterday that he met the steely eyes of the BEST that this country has to offer:  THE U.S. MILITARY.

Osama is dead, but our job is not done.  

And we don't easily forget those who were the loudest naysayers at a time of war our military needed full support from those who sent them into battle--those  in the media who joined the left--who at full throttle constantly beat up our commander in chief who was trying to bring justice to the mastermind of 9/11, who caused as much discord and grief at home as we experienced abroad.  

That same media today is glowing, crowing and giving credit to this president for his determination and resolve-when no such support was offered to Bush and his team.

We will not forget those who wanted to tuck their tails and run, and who travel the world, bowing and apologizing to our enemies--and at the same time figuratively giving the big middle finger to our friends and allies.

And we remember the timidity and cowardice of this administration in forbidding those who are Islamic Terrorists being called by name, and who would not allow members of this administration to use the words:  "THE WAR ON TERROR".

We remember.

We salute those who got the job done, not those in Washington, D.C. who would step up to take credit.

I do not respect a man who as a senator would accuse, without merit or proof, the soldiers of committing atrocities and unspeakable acts of dishonor, suddenly changing his tune once he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and a momentous and hard-fought victory is won--does he truly own it?   Already those in the mainstream media are crowing about how this event will help the president politically.  Shame on them.

I do not respect a man who would use the enlisted men: military personnel--and their families by holding their salaries as pawns in a budget battle, whose debt is enslaving us and our children and grandchildren, and whose domestic policies and actions prove that he would love to see our country lay in ruins.


There is a certain satisfaction and pride felt by Americans when the thought of what paralyzing dread and fear Osama bin Laden must have felt when he heard the loud 


of our awesome military helicopters in the air over his mansion he hid out in as the terrifyingly fierce Navy Seals were dropped into his reinforced compound.  

And it's also quite satisfying to know that the "leader" of the Islamo-fascists hid behind a woman in his last hour like a coward and slime that he is.  

I respect those who have paid the price and fight and honor our flag by serving our people, at a great sacrifice to themselves and their families.


(There are several videos embedded in the highlighted text of this post that you may enjoy watching today as you feel the pride of the excellent job our military has done to avenge the deaths and bring justice to all the families who've suffered at the hands of this animal bin Laden.  I don't mind if you think I'm a little cynical and bitter toward this administration, but at least I can't be considered blind and dumb.)


sheryl said...

Very well said Joni!!!! Couldn't have said it better. 10yrs. to get Bin Laden & still those believe & berate President Bush about the WMD. They were there, they had plenty of time to be moved, hidden or destroyed. They will appear, given time.

tammy n said...

Best Post I've seen today...I shared it via facebook with my family and friends!

MOJO said...

Bravo, Bravo! My exact sentiment. You are not cynical or bitter, you are stating facts. God Bless everyone of our military and thanks to George Bush, the interrogating led to this capture. The interrogating that the left has so many problems with.

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

All I can say is Well Said. Thank you for reading my mind.

~Christine~ said...

Well said and I totally agree! Thanks for sharing and writing the words we all feel!

lil red hen said...

I think it is wonderful that you posted on this issue today. Totally agree with you; another great big AMEN!! I think American will need to be watchful though in the coming days.

mary said...

Excellent post! It is mind boggling the speed at which the naysayers rush to take credit. And the only time Obama mentioned Bush in his speech last night was when he invoked Bush's name as a sort of back-up to say that we aren't at war with Islam. 'Ol George comes in handy when Obama wants someone to have his back, doesn't he? But heaven forbid Obama give him any credit for the courage with which Bush led our country for eight years!

Donna said...

I am SO PROUD of our military and intelligence folks for serving justice to a sissy coward and murderer!

denise said...

that's the best post i've read today.i agree with you 100%. my son in law is one those soldiers over in afghanistan as we speak. i greatly appreciate the sacrifice he and his fellow soldiers are making for our freedom. Hooray for the red,white and blue and for 101st Airborne 4th Brigade Field Artillary!!!! Go Screaming Eagles!! God Bless American! Denise

Anonymous said...

There are reasons why Bush didn't get support. Torture coming out when the US public should not have known anything about rendition and torture did not serve the Bush administration well. I was not impressed with Bush sitting around for 20 minutes reading to children, personally, after he heard about 9/11. People who wanted to "tuck their tail and run" are those who wanted to handle things diplomatically; something I did not necessarily agree with, but which naturally came out after Bush let it be known he liked to beat up prisoners and waterboard them. I think that was the greatest violation of national security ever--there are things you don't need to know as a citizen, things that get the job done. They didn't need to leak that information to make themselves look tough. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best, I think, when he said: Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.--Franklin D. Roosevelt

And that is the difference between the way Bush chose to rule (and ultimately failed to snag bin Laden during 8 years of presidency) and the way President Obama chooses to rule in my opinion. As a Christian, I have to wonder if it is even right to crow about this person's death--Jesus forgave his executioners on the cross. I feel a sense of justice, but I do not celebrate bin Laden's death. It was something that was inevitable given the choices bin Laden was making, but he was still made in God's image, and one has to wonder what happened to him in his life that made him the way he ultimately turned out. This should not be an occasion for hatred, but an occasion for thought and contemplation; for what I say about my enemy says more about me than what it says about my enemy, in the end.

Tanya said...

I so appreciated these words as so many others did as well. You spoke the truth. I was thinking of the verse GALATIANS 6: 7-9 (KJV)
7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Bin Laden will indeed face the judgement as we all will.
Bush never got the support nor will he now that he should have. Thank you for acknowledging all this for what it really stands for. You said it well and I "Amen" your words.
Ever think of running for President...? Senator? Representative? Governor? Mayor?
Neighbor Watch Lady?
You got my vote!

Aspiemom said...

Here here and AMEN!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

To Anonymous: First, it's cowardly of you to comment without telling who you are; it shows that you do not wish to be associated with your own words.

Just months ago, Obama put on court martial THREE Navy Seals for merely fattening the lip of an enemy combatant. Others serving our country are also on trial for supposedly "violating civil rights" of enemy combatants.

Yet, this president kills Osama in front of at least one wife and more than one child, and he's a hero, according to his best friends and lapdogs, the press and liberal politicians.

Now, he wants to take credit, and political gain, from the hard work and risks of those same Navy Seals WHO clearly have assassinated or KILLED an enemy combatant?

I say how you treat those who are keeping you free is more of a measure of a man. I think very little of this president who is clearly, and has always been anti-military.

Just because I am glad that Osama is dead, doesn't mean I am hateful or worse than my enemy. It is not UP TO ME to "forgive" this enemy, that is such a pious argument to make here on my little blog, when you probably should be making it to your president.

Bush has stated repeatedly that he did not want to alarm the children the morning of 9/11 which shows his consideration of them and their feelings; situation was constantly being updated to him. I'm sure you would have had exactly the PERFECT REACTION, seeing as how such events as 9/11 happens ALL THE TIME, right?

I think you are petty and unwilling to own up to the fact that the same president and the same media that wouldn't give the previous administration a minutes' peace over their efforts in the war on terror is now Obama's biggest cheerleader.

Cindy Sheehan (remember her!?) is now doing her very best to keep pointing out how Obama has KEPT Bush's policies in every area regarding this 'war on terror', yet the media is NOT giving her 24/7 media coverage, simply because she is against the policies someone they NOW support!

Obama has broken nearly every campaign promise in every area of policy and he had even said during his election campaign that he would "not make a martyr" of BinLaden.

And yet you are unhappy with me for pointing out his inconsistencies?

Like I said, call me cynical, call me bitter, but don't call me dumb and expect me to sit down and take it.

By the way, water boarding yielded lots of good intelligence, and Obama was against that, too, and yet...he reaps the benefits of it by "getting Osama"...are you after him because of his hypocritical positions? Has he closed GITMO? No, he has not. All he did was issue an executive order saying he would do so. Nothing in the way of his actions back up his words.

Diplomacy isn't the way you deal with savages. You sometimes have to use "convincing" to open mouths, which, by doing so, the military has kept YOU SAFE. THANK GOD there are some who realize diplomacy doesn't work with Jihadists!

You are at best uninformed and at worst hypocritical and cowardly: just like this president.

BY THE WAY: I care NOT why Osama is a terrorist, I do not need to understand "why" he "turned out this way"--all I need to know is he wanted me and you and all of our families DEAD!

ShabbyLife said...
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mary said...

I could tell "anonymous" WHY Osama BibLaden became a terrorist: because he CHOSE to! He CHOSE to HATE! He CHOSE to murder, time after time, after time.

Here's an answer to the question you pose about what might have "happened" to force this heinous lifestyle on poor bin Laden: nothing "happened to him in life that MADE him the way he ultimately turned out". He CHOSE THIS; IT DID NOT "HAPPEN" TO HIM!

And christians know Jesus forgives, but he also is a just God. He gives all of us a choice. I am comforted that he judges the CHOICES made by evil people like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. He holds all of us accountable for the CHOICES we make; these three are now in a very hot place because of their CHOICE to do EVIL!! And thank God for it; I wouldn't want to spend eternity with any one of these men. You'd probably have them over for a cup of tea, and perhaps have an in-depth, compassionate discussion regarding their mean, insensitive parents or some such hogwash.

The God of christians gives every human choice and a free will. The god of muslims gives no choice: if we don't convert to Islam, we are to be killed.

The God of christians sent his son to die for us. The god of Islam commands his followers to kill, kill, kill.

I'm glad I serve the true God who is loving and at the same time just.

chick from the sticks said...

Sounds like "anonymous" is saying that as long as Bush kept torture and rendition a secret, it was fine. He says "I think that was the greatest violation of national security ever--there are things you don't need to know as a citizen, things that get the job done."

So you see Bush as a dirty rotten scoundrel because he admitted enhanced interrogation techniques were being used? Not because he used them. Because he admitted it. They "got the job done" as you say, but, (holy cow!) he admitted it. Oh, sin of all sins! That IS unpardonable!

Okay. So. If I follow your logic, you are furious with Obama for stating openly for the world to hear that he killed bin Laden? Because as you so smugly put it, ....information shouldn't have been leaked to make him look tough, right? Or is it fine for Obama to order the ultimate punishment of killing bin Laden. And, by a lesser degree, (if I read you right), it was okay for Bush to order water boarding. Which doesn't kill. But Bush's great sin was that these methods leaked out. wow. Your logic escapes me. That is a truly bizarre argument. Are you a therapist by any chance? Or a criminal defense lawyer? Thought so.

katie said...

Yeah people.

Anonymous is saying "Bush Allowing information out regarding non-dangerous but effective waterboarding of terrorists: bad."

"Tough Guy Obama chest-thumping on national TV and releasing photos of the dead terrorists: good."

"Relief or celebration of bin Ladens death: bad"

"Hatred of Bush: good"

What a nincompoop.

mary your sis said...

Anonymous does demonstrate some pretty twisted logic. But what's a true liberal to do, when her own fearless leader follows the hated Bush doctrine in every single way he said he wouldn't? It takes some serious twisting to explain why Bush should have been convicted of war crimes, while Obama is a compassionate hero for using the same drones, but more of them and killing terrorists, not merely water-boarding them. With all this twisting about, surely anonymous has her undies in a wad. I believe some compassion is in order here, ladies! Getting undies in a bunch is painful to the hemorrhoids she surely must have from spending countless hours on the internet defending Obama. ;)

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OH my gosh, these are WAY more hilarious than the comments I got! What a riot - you're sister cracks me up!