Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Blows North!

Hyacinths:  As beautiful before they open as after!
I never noticed before how the tiny tips of each leaf are tiny burgundy buttons!

The many veins of a crocus...

So delicate, they look like tissue paper!

Inside a brown, papery sleeve, the promise of a daffodil!

Petite little snowdrops!
They were blooming while the snow was still on them...

Half an old grinding wheel we found in an old barn stands behind my spring blossoms.
It might otherwise be an easily overlooked piece of this old farm's history.

The trunk of our two hundred year old Silver Maple is covered in moss...

She’s a little late,  but while we were gone, Spring made her way to Michigan.  We got a lot of rain last week and the grass is finally greening up.  The blooms, the few that I have for spring, are showing themselves in this morning’s beautiful sunlight.

Somehow, in the fall, I am so busy canning, I never get more bulbs planted, and I don't think about it until Spring actually arrives!

This will be a week of catch-up after being gone all last week.  The birds were busy doing their thing on my clean windows, so I have to do that over in addition to the laundry and cleaning and tidying up…but I will tackle it with joy in the sunshine of a damp spring morning!

We sure had a nice time visiting with our daughter and grandson, Levi cut his seventh tooth while we were there!  Yesterday when we left he was waving good-bye and smiling—we did the same through the tears we hope he couldn’t see.

I hope to find some time to upload some special photos to show you of a few places we were able to visit while in Alabama, one of them a small town left just as it was in the mid 1800’s…almost untouched by time, never expanded, special in every way right down to its tiny little post office!

NOTE:  In an effort to make everybody happy after my poll question about my playlists last week,  I've decided to add to playlists to my sidebar:  one with my standby HOME playlist, and the other with the oldies from the forties.  Neither will automatically start.  You have to push PLAY (the large round button) on whichever one you choose!

Those who love silence when they open a page will be thrilled...and those who love either playlist can choose their favorite and hear it!  I never knew there was an option to NOT have a playlist automatically start and was thrilled to find one!

I do hope your Monday is going well, and as they say in the south, y’all come back!


Laura said...

Beautiful spring pictures! Yesterday was beautiful and, with a thunderstorm early this morning, it certainly feels like winter has departed! Yay!!
Enjoy your day!

Our Country Bungalow said...

Spring at last! Nice photos.
Looking forward to seeing the Alabama pictures.

Angela said...

Happy Monday to you. So glad you are getting some nice weather. Pretty now, but more storms are headed our way. Looking forward to seeing pic. from ALA. We are right next door in GA and visit there often. That little town sounds like a neat place to go. Have a great day.

Mel said...

I've never been so anxious for spring!

It is 75* here today, (unheard of for us this time of year) the wind is gusting out there, but I'm not complaining, "it's warm wind"...

Love your flowers, they are surely springy.

Joy said...

What do you have to do to have it be optional for Playlist start up? I might like this, although many say they enjoy my music---I do too, obviously. I know what you mean about the tears when leaving--I do that too. It's tough to leave those grans. Sometimes, I'd be crying the first day I was visiting just from thinking about leaving!