Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reusing to Recycle

In our township, recycling is mandatory. 
(We were told we'd have to recycle to save landfill space, and then Michigan started importing Canada's garbage.  Yeah, I know!  Some things are just unexplainable.  So glad I can help Canada have somewhere to put their garbage, I mean, after all, they have practically NO useless land mass, at all.  Right?  Ha!)

They gave us a big red bin for the garage, but I hate to run out there every single time I have a can or a bottle to recycle--it's just plain annoying--plus, the greenies probably never considered I'd be wasting heat or air by running to the bin every time I need it.  Who has a kitchen big enough for these large, unsightly bins?

For a while in my kitchen sat a white plastic trashcan, with a lid, it was neat and tidy, but I hated how it looked.  It was practical, but...

In my "stuff" that gets to my attic somehow (teehee!),  I had this large vintage picnic hamper, shaped like a barn.  Actually, this picnic hamper had been in the basement of our first little house we bought from Lem's dad...and I've just kept it and for years it has had many, many uses around all three of our houses.

I decided its new purpose would be to be my recycle bin and look a whole lot better in this old farmhouse than something ugly and plastic.  

So I measured the interior dimensions and went to Target to find the perfect plastic bin to line the old basket with.  (Recycle containers can be messy!) They had one that was just the right size!

Now, once the picnic basket is full of stuff to take to the garage recycle bin, we make the trip out there, and dump it into the big, ugly bin.  This liner can be wiped out and put back.

It all works perfectly and I love it.  Here it's cozied up to my husband's grandparent's old oak ice box.  It looks right at home.

I thought the idea was worth sharing with you!
I think it's fun to find new uses for old containers of all kinds...

Have a great weekend!

(We are still held hostage by Old Man Winter...and it's making mama grouchy!  We had a couple nice days this week and now the cold wind is blowing and we are expecting some snow today!  My poor daffodils had just started to bloom!  How's your weather?)


denise said...

what a novel idea. they say there's more than one way to skin a cat. denise

Penny said...

A great idea! It looks perfect next to the old ice box!
Here in NJ it's been rainy -- a few nice days sprinkled in between the cloudy ones. And it hasn't been particularly warm. I'm hoping for a nice, warm, sunny Easter Sunday -- at least. I was happy to learn that Easter was late this year -- thinking that we'd have a better shot at nice weather. Uh, not so far....
Have a happy day!

Cindy said...

Seasonably hot and dry down here in South Texas.

Love that idea.I have a few of those hidden gems in my RV also.I like for things to look natural not fake.Plastic sticks out like a sore thumb.Great use of that vintage hamper.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

~Christine~ said...

How fun! What an great idea! I love it! The weather....nice and warm here. We went on a hike yesterday in shorts and t-shirts. It was awesome!

Angela said...

Love the basket and the practical way you are using it. I know what you mean about going outside each time to recycle. Our bin is on the carport and I usually have the end counter full all during the day and take out in evening. Hate it.
Weather here has been warm and beautiful BUT that brings storms and tornados. We had warnings all evening and into the early hours of the morning. No damage except more gray hair from worrying. I hate storms. Have a great weekend

Kim Bois said...

I woke up grouchy this morning too. I don't want to go shopping, I don't want to clean the house, I just want to work in the yard. So I thought why not, I'll just put on a warm coat and old clothes and get out there and start digging.

Shirley said...

That's adorable! When we built the kitchen, we put in a double garbage can - I use the front one for garbage and the back one for recyclables. I'm with you - I don't want to see them :)

And ... you don't really want to know how our weather is!

Cher' Shots said...

Love your new basket ~ what a great find! Hate that our state brings in Canada's garbage! Stupid!
'hugs from afar'

Laurie said...

That looks great!

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Love it!! Great camo on the recycling bin!

Tanya said...

Love love love that idea! How clever, cool, and cute! Thanks for sharing. What a story about MI being the trash bin for Canada! Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Can't believe you might get....SNOW!?!? Yucky! I'm getting grouchy just with this rain! Our temps have been pretty good and I know the rain is good, but I'm just ready for some good ole' sunshine NON STOP!

Hang in there...Surely sun's a comin'!
When did you get home from Alabama? I'll bet it's so hard to leave that little guy! (And his Momma and Daddy too!)
Have a great Monday!