Friday, April 15, 2011

iPictures: When the Light is Right!

Last week, when I was with Levi, there were a couple times I couldn't resist taking his picture..even when the iPhone was all I had in my pocket.  

I finally captured those eyelashes, which can be hard to do...the setting sun was lighting them up for me.  I didn't have time to run and get the good camera.

Cute hat + cute kid + good light + iPhone = FUN!

But like I've told you before, when the light is right, it's matter what camera you use--gorgeous light equals gorgeous pictures.  

Levi-10 months

And then....there's the case of the face being so darn cute, that the picture can't go wrong.  This one cracked me up!  

(Does anybody say "cracks me up" anymore?!)

Can you believe this character?!  He has so many facial expressions that are so animated!

Snap away with your iPhone, upload to your photo editor and have a blast!

(Oh, and just so you know, I took about 800 photos of Levi in that week!)

PS:  Yesterday, I went to the Tax Day Tea Party in the State Capitol in Lansing, came home and went shoe shopping with my son.  Then on the way home, I spotted my first garage sale of the season!  I was thrilled even though it was fifty degrees outside!  

It was one of those where each item was fifty cents:  it was all baby boy clothes!  I was there last year before Levi was born and spent $50 on infant clothing for his first year.  In visiting with this gal, I think I should go by her house often to watch for signs, she has two little boys, close in age, and loves to shop for clothes!

This year, I got Levi  all kinds of Carter's and Children's Place brand shorts, short outfits, khaki pants, pajamas...tons of stuff wear this summer and then some bigger sizes to put away for next fall and winter!  

What fun I had sitting on that garage floor going through bins of baby boy clothing!  I spent every dollar I had in my wallet, it came to the exact amount I had with me!  Haha!  (But both of my legs and feet fell asleep while I was on that floor!  They were all tingly while I was waiting to pay and loading up the bags!)

Came home, washed them up in Dreft and folded them to get them ready to ship to Alabama.  Now Jamie gets to have fun unpacking the box...Levi will be thrilled, there are ELMO pajamas--three pairs!  He loves Elmo!


Angela said...

Great photos. Levis is such a handsome little man. So cute. Love those expressions and beautiful eyes. Gota steal your heart. Have a great weekend

Our Country Bungalow said...

800 photos! That cracks me up!
ha ha
But seriously, what a face! Those cheeks! Adorable.

~Christine~ said...

Cute cute kid! AND don't you just love garage sales! So fun and interesting to see what people are selling and oh....finding treasures for yourself or others! Have fun!

birdie blue said...

levi is absolutely darling. l o v e those eyelashes.


Linda said...

Love the close up shots of did real good! I wanted to go to garage sales today but it turned cold on us again....could not make myself go.