Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glorious Spring in the Deep South

Leaving Michigan in March or April is always a joy.  Especially when winter overstays her welcome.

Winter has been especially cruel this year and Michigan had snow through March and into April yet.

It's always nice to leave brown, muddy, dullness and head into sunlight, blue skies, and green grass, leaves, and spring blooms everywhere.

The gentle soft breezes with spring warmth on your cheeks sure doesn't hurt, either!

It's one of my favorite times to visit my daughter and her family!  I drink it the mild weather like a thirsty dog on a hot, dry day in August.

I spy things I have been craving for months, like wild flowers and blooming trees...and I remember that when I get home, it could be a month or more before I see all of this beauty there.

Dogwoods, magnolias, wisteria, all of it, just a joy to behold.

And finding wildflowers in the meadow!

The joys of childhood are now another reason to enjoy spring with our little grandson.

Riding in the wagon, sandbox, bubbles, fun in simple, childish wonder.

There's a mix of the old and the new...

Overalls and baseball caps, too are a sure sign of spring!

I spotted some sweat peas growing wild along the old gravel road.

I'm hoping that when I get home spring is at least showing SOME enthusiasm for the land I live on!

Hi Levi!


Marydon said...

Oh, my! What exquisite pics ... so love the old buildings & nature ... riding thru the country ...

Scoot over, Levi, make room for another rider. He is precious!!!

Have a beautiful weekend ~


Shirley said...

Well ... you could always move south!!! :) It is incredibly beautiful right now. We took a hike yesterday afternoon and enjoyed all of the wildflowers - they are SO cute!!!

Our Country Bungalow said...

Short sleeves and sunshine...I remember those! Just seems so long ago....


Picket said...

Beautiful pics girl...I love Spring time in the South...and that precious dumpling riding in the wagon is just toooooo cute...have a great weekend sweetie....Picket