Thursday, April 28, 2011

Creative Uses for Vintage Finds: Counter Top Compost Pail

In the category of Creative Uses for Vintage Finds, I bring you a solution. It's a problem I have solved that was an ugly annoying one for me.  You might have the same problem ... where to keep your peelings, coffee grinds, and other items useful in the compost bin or pile, until it's time to go dump them.  (I usually dump the pail each evening.)

I have and use this cute little porcelain pail.  It is perfect for the counter top--but ONLY until you walk up to it and can see inside...then it's just plain gross.


I didn't want to look at that all day.

I used a (very flat) saucer that just fit the opening, but alas, I needed a handle for the "lid".  There are rounded off saucers that will not work, so make sure the one you choose is as flat as can be.

I bought a little plain white porcelain knob to use as a handle.  They're priced most places between one and two dollars.  

Have you ever used Gorilla Glue?  I have, it's AWESOME!  

("Have you ever cleaned up after alpacas?  I have, it's AWESOME!" 
-- LOVE that Stanley Steemer commercial.)

Gorilla Glue is super strong and works on almost any material, and works well.  

I dabbed some on the center of the plate, and also onto the knob and bonded them together, then let it sit for several hours, before actually using the lid on the pail.

Works swell!

Two minutes, start to finish.

Now my little compost pail looks pretty put together and it hides all the eggshells, coffee grounds, and potato peelings that are so unsightly and no one wants to see.

It looks right at home in the farmhouse kitchen.  If you can find and put a pail and a small plate or a saucer together, this is as easy as pie!

What, you ask, are we using our compost for?  For our potato patch, we need lots of dirt to cover the root areas of our potatoes for a good crop.  

We recently bought one of those compost bins that sit up on legs.  It's round like a barrel that lays on its side, and when you add anything to it, you turn the barrel.  I will let you know if this works out well or not.  We haven't had it long enough to know yet what happens.  

But that's the reason for my little bucket!

**Jamie and her family are fine, but there is destruction all around them in Alabama.  Prayers--and help, are needed for the people in the south, over a hundred tornadoes just yesterday.  

Samaritan's Purse is accepting donations for the storm victims in the south today...go here if you'd like to help.  The damage is huge.


Pattie said...

I know what you mean! I have a bag hanging in my kitchen and it's see through. Gross. Love, love your cute bucket. Great idea with the top. 8>)

When in the garden... said...

I love that idea. Super cute!!!!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a genius idea - thank you! Mine is kept under the sink, which is a bad idea because 'out-of-sight, out-of-mind'. That is, of course, until the smell kicks in ;) Awesome! (love that commercial too - my hubs always says the part about the free-ranging house chickens makes him afraid I will try that). Did I mention how adorable your pot is too, w/ the lid and all? -Tammy

Flipfloppingmamma said...

I have a little red pail I use. We just moved and my aunt was helping me pack. She grabbed it to pack it and opened it. Apparently there had been onions or something in it. I thought she was going pass out! LOLOLOL! The look on her face was the funniest EVER!

Mom of 3 Girleighs said...

the cutest idea ever!! Im stealing it.. :)

Laura said...

What a great idea!
Glad to hear that your daughter and her family are safe. Such sad.

Debbie said...

I'm glad to know you family is safe. I like the little pail and your lid idea. My husband has soured me on Gorilla glue and is no longer allowed to use it 'in the house'.
When I opened my dashboard this morning I saw your post and a picture of your little pot followed by this:...."You might have the same problem ... where to keep your pee...". Naturally I HAD to read the rest of the post and I knew you'd get a kick out of that.

Ali said...

I am so glad your daughter and family are safe! What a horrible time they are going through down there, my prayers are with them!

Your pail is oh so cute! I love how you added the lid! I had a cookie jar that I used last year, but it got so gross inside from liquids seeping into the cracks in the glaze...I got rid of it BEFORE I thought of using it as a planter, bummer! It was so cute! But anyway, I need something new so I will be on the lookout for any container I like knowing I can add a lid like you did! Thanks =)

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Now this beats my ugly bucket that is under the kitchen sink!
I love this idea and its so cute too!

Ok I am off to search for a tin pail and pretty plate!

Hugs, Dolly

~Christine~ said...

You have the best cutest ideas!! Love reading about your adventures in finding new things!

Happy to hear your family is safe!

Deanna said...

Sure like your solution!
Neat-o. Tis such a pretty touch to the pail.

You have made this look so easy!
God bless,

Susie said...

This is so clever!

lil red hen said...

Oh so thankful the kids are fine; what a terrible, terrible thing the tornado destruction is. Nothing fits into a country kitchen better than the old porcelain pieces. Do you have gnats in the summer? They're always a problem when it comes to peelings, etc.

Sunny said...

Neat idea! Thanks for sharing...

Donna said...

I'm relievd to hear that your daughter and her family got through the AL storms OK. I wondered how she fared. We had some tense moments here in east TN through that awful day, but we didn't sustain any damage.