Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Can Shout Louder? A Restless Patriot Rant

A grieving family does their best to make a difference.

I heard recently that the insane/drug addict/sexual pervert/wife beater/Charlie Sheen is taking his "show on the road" and that every single venue he's taking his "show" is selling out.  It makes me absolutely SICK.  

This man is a pervert, a reprobate, used to abusing women and worse, getting away with it!  He should be in jail, but his "status" makes sure that he's not.

Plus, he's a terrible father, and worst of all uses and abuses drugs and everyone else in his path, like his family who cares about him and wants to intervene to pull him out of his self-abusing cycle and get him clean.  

(I think they approach it wrong, calling drug abuse a disease like cancer.  I think abuse of alcohol, food, or drugs is all about choice, not a disease, but I can still understand their love for him and their wanting him healthy again.)

It makes me SICK to think that Americans are THIS STUPID to spend their (is it hard-earned anymore?!?) money to throw it at a sick individual like Charlie Sheen.  How could they?  This man needs serious help, and furthermore, he should be in prison, because he confessed, publicly, to abuse of illegal substances, he has incriminated himself!

He was elevated to this larger than life status by an evil network, CBS, and paid more than any man should be paid to do ANYTHING  and made him think he is invincible and above the law, above natural law, even.

Then when he goes nuts, where normally someone would be committed, the "media" sell him to the public by doing "in-depth"
interviews, giving him forty minutes of uninterrupted airtime in a two hour show that is described as "morning news"....which is actually "morning entertainment"--owned by an even larger entertainment business--Disney.

The average American knows more about this pathetic human being than they do about what's going on in their government and how they are being led by their president and his administration straight down the pipes to third-world status. They all have the latest on Charlie, and have even signed up by the millions to get his "tweets"!

I am not surprised our country is in the pits its in.  If this is a sign of our intelligence, I'd have to say there is not much hope.  

Instead, he is invited on all the late night blabber shows and is applauded like a hero--when he kisses another man on the mouth (!  I'd say Jimmy Kimmel better go get a blood test!) and the truth is that he should be avoided like the plague because he is so evil.  

But evil is elevated and promoted by the same "media" that tries to "warn parents of the dangers" of drugs, sex, and everything this Charlie Sheen stands for!  What a joke!  They talk out of both sides of their mouths!  The truth means absolutely nothing to them!

Those idiots wouldn't know a hero if they were to slam into one.  

I am so sick of evil being elevated (called good) and good being called evil.  The media is the worst at this, and is the biggest reason for the moral downfall of our society.

There are two families in particular here in Michigan who are experiencing huge losses that are so very tragic, two beautiful young women pulled in by the lure of heroin in their high school years, dying from overdoses because they bought a particular "high quality" heroin from their scumbag drug dealers.

Now the parents and the sheriff's office of this county where these girls lived is trying to get the word out and trying to warn kids of the dangers.  

They have come together to go into high schools, and worked to bring a panel of the parents of these girls and law enforcement, and even brought in a drug dealer, replaying the horrible 911 call, brought in a casket and other visual props to try to drive the message home.  

I imagine it is beyond heartbreaking for these parents to tell and retell their story, hear those tapes played over and over again, but yet they are trying to do what they can to wake the classmates of their dead kids up.  

These are not urban kids who are used to this sort of thing happening on a regular basis, this is upper class lakeside suburbia where the money flows and the houses are quarter of a million dollars each.

BUT...can they yell louder than the media who elevates Charlie Sheen to "top news status" every single day for months?!?

Charlie Sheen can be a mess.  He has the freedom to be one, certainly, as many in our country do.  He can be a pervert, horrible father, abuser of women and he still gets away with it all.  That on its own is bad enough.

But, on top of it,  treated as if he is something to be glorified, and the MEDIA just cannot get enough of it?

The kids in this high school assembly (where those that have suffered and have lost the most precious thing in their life, their child!) are being hit with a "scared straight" message.

But, CAN IT even penetrate their little brains when they see the opposite in every other instance that is put in their face?  

(Think of the manufactured celebrities like Brittany Speers who are total scum and are elevated and promoted by the media, to see who they can claim to have "brought back" and "rescued" when in fact it's pure profit that is their motive as is the case with Disney and Brittney Spears!)

 Charlie Sheen gets richer and richer and more and more exposed to the world BECAUSE OF HIS DRUG ABUSE?!?!?

I am so, so, so sick of this I could scream!

CHARLIE t-shirts!
CHARLIE tweets!
CHARLIE broadcasts on the internet!
CHARLIE photographs for sale!
CHARLIE on tour!
CHARLIE on late night talk shows!
CHARLIE pursued by CBS again!
CHARLIE on the cover of every possible magazine in the grocery store!

There are literally millions of stories about this creep out there.  

HOW is a parent supposed to fight THAT?!!

Will it make a difference?

Where is the news coverage of the heartbreak to these parents of putting their 16 and 17-year-old girls in the cold, hard ground, watching the dirt thrown on top...then walking away with NOTHING but pain that will never, ever end!?

This makes me so angry, I can't even begin to tell you.

Meanwhile, Charlie, and CBS, as well all the other big media outlets are laughing all the way to the's criminal!


Laura said...

At first I felt bad. I felt bad for Charlie Sheen and the fact that he needs help, but more for his family. But as time goes on...I am just so sick that the media gives him this attention. I am so sick that there was a line-up waiting to buy tickets at the Fox. I am so sick that it all boils down to money. How much money he can make for the media and CBS and every outlet that allows him to rant. I'm tired of the media and of celebrities who think that they are above the law.
I could go on and on, but you said it so well!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Totally on target, Joni. IF the media would have left CS alone, at least WE would not be hearing about him at every turn. He would have fizzled out, and possibly sought help. Like you, I was shocked that people would flock to see him...and pay for the "privilege". It is a sign of our times...can the end be far away? I think not. How about last week's episode of Glee? Two homosexual men kissing...on prime time TV. A show that millions of teens watch. I wanted to cry. Where are the parents? Is there NO discernment left? Even so called Christian parents allowing such filth to come into their homes and polluting their childrens minds. IS there hope for America?

Debbie said...

You are so right!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Dear Patriot....rant on! It is so good to see someone stand up and speak the TRUTH. If only people would listen and realize the truth as it really is. We are living in an upside down world. The world of my youth has disappeared and I am searching for it anywhere and everywhere. If America does not turn back to God...America will suffer the consequences sooner than later. Thank you for standing up and speaking out.
Blessings, Abbey

Kelle said...

You did more than hit the nail on the head, you spoke the TRUTH in a day and age where truth is no longer sought after*sigh* Sadly now people are only happy when being lied to and deceived, FOOLS all of them.

I lost any respect I had for HOLLYWOOD decades ago and although my opions has change, it's more so to stay way and keep my family away from it's EVIL and deceitful ways. It used to be that Hollywood had distinct Good vs Evil and building up of families, now it is exactly mirror opposite. No wonder our last generations are so mixed up.
Thank you for sharing your rant, I'm in 100%+ total agreement.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Well said! I agree with you on it all! Do you hear anything about ours soldiers, that have lost their lives in the wars, that we are in? NO!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

well said. Thank you for this post.. I wish the media would stop making these lifestyles look so glamorous and show kids what drugs really do to people.
Keep on posting these great post

Carol said...

Just a couple of minutes of watching Charlie Sheen is chilling. He's got no rules, no morals, no boundaries.
Two or three minutes. That's all it takes.
Why have more to do with it than that? It did inspire me to pray for him and his family, but otherwise, come on, people!

Lillie Mae Acres said...

Lordy mercy girl, you couldn't have said it better!
I have sat here w/ my mouth open in disgust from the moment the news broke about his latest rant. I can't believe what the media calls news worthy stories. I can't understand why people continue to watch movies, listen to music, laugh at, etc these losers.
Nope, the war heroes dying everyday don't get this kind of media coverage and the kids that are dying trying to be like the losers in Hollywood don't get anything but local media coverage for a day or two. I can't stand to hear things about famous people that say they have so many peole looking "up to" them, they are "role models". What? These are overpayed spoiled humans, not Gods, not anyone I want my son looking up to as a role model.

Shirley said...

Agreed! The media is to blame for a LOT of the downfall of this country!

Deanna said...

I've thought about the young man that plays Charlie's tv nephew and how this secular information affects him. The young man makes his money from the television show as well...i stopped watching 2 and a half men a few years back after it was broadcasted in the afternoon. The bed hopping and sexual perversion wore on my christianity.

A seed bed for nurturing more filth and perverted unhealthy lifestyles.

Sickened me when it was advertised as best comedy show.

Charlie is wealthy in the sense of big bucks, but he is dirt poor when it comes to clean living.

Deb said...

I could not have said it any better! It's just a crying shame to realize how much people love this stuff; so much so that his Rant Tours are selling out like crazy. It sends the message that if you act like a creep, you'll be rewarded for it.

Brenda Evans said...

AMEN to that !

lil red hen said...

Thank you for expressing your feelings about this; I so agree with you.

Buttonchief7 said...

By their fruits you will know them. He truly is a lost soul. And influencing too many others. Shame on our country that produces such people. Your piece gets an amen from me.

Raluca said...

You are so very right, Joni.
A lot of evil people nowadays have the only purpose to make money out of anything!
Romania fights with a big danger for young people: "Dreams shops", opened close to schools!!, selling "light" drugs, by claiming they sell medicines for animals or plants! Ingredients seem to be legal, but combination might be fatal...

Regarding TV, we feel a little bit safer, far of all the TV trash, as we don't have TV at all (

Joy said...

Haven't been here for awhile, but sooo glad I stopped by for a visit. Right on, Lady. Right on all accounts and bless you for having the guts to tell the truth. I wonder if most people really do see through Charlie Sheen, but the ones who don't are getting all the press? Like Mr.T would say, "I pity the poor fool!" You have said it all here. Also... I first came upon your story about your daddy and traveling the back roads, but can't find it again to leave a comment. It was an EXCELLENT story, just fantastic. Special and touching too. I appreciate your 'talent in telling'. Have a great and awesome week.

mary your sis said...

Amen. The Bible says in the last days "good will be called evil and evil will be called good..." I have never seen that statement more true than it is now from our president who is called "good", right on down to celebrities like Charlie Sheen and instant celebrities like single teen moms... how awful.

Flipfloppingmamma said...

I just found your blog today and love it!! Just been skimming through your blog posts and checking out all your great pics. Ran across this post and I AGREE whole heartedly. Charlie Sheen makes me sick! I wish the media would stop talking about him.