Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shadow Shots: Potluck

We went to a potluck the other night.  Oh, how I love potlucks!  

Don't you?

Rushin' around the kitchen, packin' the hot stuff in the cooler, running in with the picnic basket...I love it all!

Takin' in our hot dish and a dessert, and putting it all together with everyone else's goodies, oh, my!

We got there early and set our dishes out (I took my trusty Baked Mac 'n Cheese and a good pan of brownies with homemade frosting) and went to our table and visited, and in ten minutes, magic had happened, the table was LOADED somehow!  (I just love that!)

There were some GOOD cooks at this particular gathering, there was everything!  The basketball players went first, and they were so proud and looked so happy carrying their loaded plates to their tables, the way it looked, there would be nothing left for us when we made it through the line.

But I was wrong, so wrong!

There were huge pans of fried chicken, Swedish meatballs, sloppy Joe's, taco salad, pasta salads, baked beans, mac 'n cheese, mostaccolli, lasagna, vegetable trays, desserts of every description!  Texas sheet cake, huge pans of pudding, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting...oh my gosh.

There was enough grub to feed an army!  

I have stand-by dishes for potlucks, my go to list is:
deviled eggs
baked mac 'n cheese
brownies with cooked fudge-y frosting

A sign of success?  Nothing left in your dishes to take home.  It's embarrassing to take food home from a potluck, is it not?  

(I have NEVER taken a deviled egg back home, I can tell you that much for sure!) 

Of course, a potluck delights me because I LOVE to load my plate with all the different salads!  I take a little bit of every kind of salad and especially love Asian coleslaw!  Yum!!


What's your favorite potluck dish to take? 

To eat?




Nancy said...

Great shadow shots! Pulled pork is one of my potluck favs. Yum!

Dar said...

Oh, you made me hungry! I love to take my homemade baked beans, and yes, the roaster always comes home empty. Isn't that the best feeling?
I love Cheesy Potatoes and taco salad. Everyone always manages to bring their best dish.
Love your shadows....I have that canning's a keeper. Is that tomato marinara? Yum

Laura said...

My mac and cheese is a favorite pot luck dish too! Last summer, when I had to make some crockpot things to simmer because we had family over after my mom's funeral, I decided to simmer little cocktail weenies in our maple syrup. I threw in some brown sugar and a couple other ingredients. I was making it up as I went along (something my mom would have been proud of!). Anyhow, everyone loved them!

Mary Jane said...

I usually take a dessert, such as Texas Sheet Cake, banana pudding, apple crisp, or my go-to: peach cobbler. My other dish is sometimes baked beans,lasagna, beef manicotti,beef or chicken enchiladas,or some other kind of casserole.
Mary Jane

Brenda Evans said...

I usually take a mexican casserole and a dessert of some kind. I love baking and they are all my favorites especially banana cake. As far as what I like at a potluck - unfortunately EVERYTHING. I don't know why but whatever someone else cooks always taste better than when I cook it. Why is that? Maybe because it is better. Ha!

CM said...

I love potlucks! I love homemade meatballs, casseroles, and who can turn down fried chicken! (oh the calories...)
I once attended a huge potluck with tons of big families and one sharp mother brought a giant platter of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cut in triangles. Even the pickiest little eaters were happy!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hi! I just wanted to be sure to answer you all with a YUMMY!!!!! All of the dishes you ladies mentioned are all very good to put on my list of standbys for a potluck.

Is it just me, or do you notice a lot fewer potlucks lately?

Oh, and Dar, the canned product sitting on my kitchen table last week was applesauce for my you make tomato marinara? That sounds wonderful! I'd love the recipe!

PS--Laura: If I win your drawing, I will try the little cocktail sausages in your maple syrup! It sounds wonderful!

Joy said...

I love going to our church pot so much food and such a variety. I have taken a pasta salad, cake, Rice Crispie bars,ham and beans, bar-b-que pork. I also love the cheesy potatoes and sometimes I take the pretzel jello salad (crushed pretzels, strawberry jello with strawberries, cream cheese, Cool Whip, brown sugar...) YUM-O!!!