Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back Roads Beauty: The Drive Home...

We got an early-spring snowstorm mid-week.

It turned everything into ice and snow sculptures.  Everything.
And, against that spring-blue sky, it all looks better somehow, and we can forgive it for snowing so heavily in the spring when the sun comes out!

We took the long way home one day after school and did some drive-by shooting --with our littlest camera, the point and shoot I carry at all times--on the slushy back roads.

I love back roads!  
How else do you stop in the middle of the road to take pictures of little scenes such as this?

And it allows us to stop to ogle beauties like this gal!

With triple tips, and icicles dripping from every branch, she leans to one side because the south side is less laden than the north side...

And here's her little twin sisters...beauties, too!

We head to the orchard to get some cider and then head home...

The scenes we saw made us think about "The Chronicles of Narnia" we went home and pulled out the DVD to watch, and I made "biscuit donuts" for a snack...

Biscuit Donuts

1.)  First, heat your oil
2.)  Use one can of small buttermilk biscuits
3.)  With your thumb, carefully poke a hole in the middle of each biscuit
4.)  Fry each; turning when the first side is golden brown
5.)  Drain on paper towel 
6.)  Place sugar or a cinnamon/sugar combination in a Ziploc or a          brown lunch bag
7.)  Shake three donuts at a time to coat with sugar
          (I do this over the kitchen sink so I can wash any stray sugar down the drain.)

Enjoy a COUNTRY COZY Weekend!
A back roads believer...


A Rural Journal said...

I just love your house. :) A good 'ol American farm house -- just like mine.

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the blue sky. It's Michigan and it's spring so we have to accept the spring snowstorms. It just part of the beauty of this great state!
That's the same biscuit donut recipe we use (except we use a donut hole cutter and cut a hole in the middle). We only make them up north at my husband's family cabin, so they're an "up north" thing. They are so YUMMY!

aimee said...

Really beautiful photos Joni---I would be willing to trade our gray skies and rain for some snow if we had such a gorgeous blue sky to go with it:)
Your biscuit donut recipe sounds good and easy to make--I might just have to try it; sometimes I have such a craving for donuts!

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful sky, beautiful house!
Oh. And beautiful donuts!

Tessa D. Silvas said...

Lovely pictures!! The snow is so beautiful...we're here in southern Indiana and it's about time for the snow to leave. ;-) We had some 80 degrees weather last week and then all of the sudden we're back in the 30's and it's SNOWING!!

Anyway, loverly pictures!!

mary your sis said...

Beautiful pics! And it's such a cozy thing to do, to come home and make bisquit donuts. Whenever I make them I think of one of my favorite books growing up: Homer Price. I love the chapter with the story where Homer goes to his Uncles donut shop and the new-fangled up and coming donut making machine won't shut off. It keeps making donuts and more donuts. I used to read that story and just wish I had been there. I do love me a fresh donut! I need to buy that book for Levi when he gets a little older...