Monday, March 21, 2011

Michigan: Waiting on the Lovely

Spring is on the calendar...but it's not here yet--not in Michigan anyway....

It takes a while to arrive.

It teases and winks, then leaves us for a while again.

Cold winds blow, and they bring sleet and ice, and they make us kind of mad with spring.

How can she do this to us?  

After that long winter?

She tells us to just wait.

She works slow, but she's quite thorough.

Patience is needed.  

She promises to take our state from an old, matted, muddy brown, disheveled dress, to the most beautiful one you've ever had the privilege to see.

She says she will bring you the bluest of blues, the kind that make you happy:  sky and waters.  She decorates the sky with the puffiest of clouds and the waters lure the colorful boats, everywhere...floating, the picture of contentment.

And, she will warm you up, and bring those perfect, breezy summer days you long for...and the nights you remember:  the cool kind where the windows can be open because it's not so cool that you need to shut out the fresh breezes.

You'd never know it right now, but Michigan is a very, very beautiful place.

She's about to come alive again...and soon.

You just have to know when to look, and where.

Spring says "Don't rush me!"-- after all, its a long way to go, working your way slowly, slowly from the most southern coast of the country, up to the northern states...

And we know that she saves the best for last....

And, I'd have to say that I agree!

She makes it worth the aggravation, she dresses the vineyards, the orchards, the lakes and the hillsides so beautifully!

You can some see us sometime, if you would like.  
The months she's most stunning?

May, June, July, August, and even in to September and some of October.

You've got time to make your plans.  
I know I'd love to help you make plans!  
Come on up!



Laura said...

I love my Michigan too! Beautiful pictures. The perfect ad for our state! And who would know better than one of her own?
Have a wonderful spring day (because that's what the calendar tells us)!

Kathie Truitt said...

My mother and I used to make it up to Michigan every June. I loved it.

June said...

Oh you just described my Idaho Spring as well. But after Spring finally arrives, you can't help but be amazed everyday after.

Your Michigan is gorgeous!

A Rural Journal said...

We do get impatient, don't we?

Your photos are all so colorful -- love the textures you represent. The sand, the rocks, grass, fields. There's something for everyone. :)

Grandma Becky said...

We are still cool in Oregon as well. The tulips are going to be late this year. I love that lighthouse, quite interesting. Enjoyed all the photos in this post....beautiful. Am not headed that way anytime soon but thanks for the invite!

Cher' Shots said...

Thank you for the beautiful reminder that patience pays off. We do share a gorgeous state throughout all of the seasons.
'hugs from afar'

mary your sis said...

Yes, it seems like it's always a love/hate relationship. I like snow, but at the end of March, phew! I wonder how people in Alaska can take it for the majority of the year. The are hardier stock than I be! And that darned ol' Al Gore; what a bumbling idiot! Global warming indeed!