Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Wishin', A Hopin', A Dreamin'!

Our porch, last summer...

I get my hopes up so easily....every. single. year.

I'm such a dope!   
(I should know better, I live in Michigan, after all!)

How many springs have I let her fool me like this?!

Over the weekend, we had one fairly nice day, mid-fifties, with some sunshine.  I took the opportunity to wash windows on the whole house, inside and out.  All of 'em.

It took me all afternoon, and there are twenty one double hung windows, three front doors, all with storms, and a big picture window.  

I was quite proud of myself and I thought since I did the windows, and washed rugs all afternoon, spring would naturally follow.  

(I mean, I love the look of nice, clear, clean windows, shouldn't she?!  It lets her know I'm ready for company!)

I just can't wait...

Well, Spring got in a little snit, and she told me I was all wet....then she blew in that date on the calendar with a pretty stiff wind and loud rainstorm with lightning and thunder to beat the band

(Tell me your mom said "snit" and "beat the band", too!).

She left just as quick as she got here!  

A winter storm is blowing in tonight and we're getting anywhere from five to nine inches of snow/ice/sleet/glop in Michigan -- depending on where you live.  

(Did your mom say "glop", too?)

Darn that SPRING!

Oh well.

I can wash windows again, some of them are already dirty today (darn dogs!!).  

And today, I remembered a small window on a knee wall upstairs I completely forgot.

Ut Oh.  Maybe that's why spring never came.


(As you can probably tell, I am hosting my own pathetic pity party, care to join in?!)


Kelli said...

I love your play list and I was thinking "Tiny Town" by Tracy Byrd would fit in nicely with your collection. It's one of my favorites since I grew up in a small town:)

Raluca said...

Hello dear Joni!
Spring plays the same hide and seek game with us in Romania also :-) Last week we had few days of spring with warm weather but now it's cold again...
I love your blog. And I have 2 personal reasons:
1. we live in town currently but we dream at country living and we hope someday our dream will come true
2. my sister moved to Michigan 3 years ago and I love to hear stories from their neighbors ;-)

EmmaMary said...

We are having gorgeous weather right now but I know that can change at any moment. Our elderly farmer neighbor told me years ago that we are not safe from frost until the very end of April. I remind myself of that every year. My son was born on April 8th in 1989 and it snowed that day! Another reminder to me to enjoy the days of warm weather that we get but not to count on it too soon.
I am a fan of old houses. Our home was built in 1900. Love your blog!