Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cozy @ Home: Blizzard!

Outside, the wind is howling and there is a frightfully large snowstorm, ready to bury us all in more than a foot of the white, cold stuff.

We are hunkered down, hoping we have no loss of power because it is extremely cold and the winds are to reach 45 mph and, worst of all, our generator is on the blink!

Last night when I went upstairs to tuck in my baby (who is fifteen!) his room, which faces east, was frigid.  I got out fleece blankets and covered over all the windows and blocked the hundred-and- fourteen-year-old sills with pillows, made him put extra clothes on and brought out extra quilts from the hall closet.

It all felt very old-fashioned and Little House-ish.

I tucked him in and told him to be glad that he had a heat register in his room!

The other two bedrooms upstairs do NOT.  


So all night long it was to snow and blow and snow and blow some more until about noon today, at which time it will have dumped on us for twelve hours!

School and a basketball game was canceled Tuesday night before the storm even arrived, resulting in much rejoicing on the part of the teenager!

The primroses I got a couple weeks ago are looking so much better than when I bought them.  They must like it here.  Hope they live until spring!

And so it will go for almost another two months...we are thankful for plenty of trucks and four-wheel drive.

It's a cozy feeling if you  aren't required to get out in it, but also, it's a feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  

(Now, be sure that the Global Warmists are going to take advantage of this and blame the heavy snows this winter on global warming, but remember, it's all a farce and this weather has kept Al Gore in hiding--full time--and that's a GOOD thing!)

Update:  10:00 AM Wednesday

We didn't get what they predicted; instead of a foot to a foot and a half we got maybe ten inches?  It's still snowing and should snow until around noon.  Here are some photos out the windows, I haven't braved it and gone out in it yet.  The winds are still very, very strong.

I got Dixie out of the pole barn just in case she was needed...I like the adventure once in a while of four-wheelin'...and I hope I "need" to go somewhere to day, just for fun.  It's too cold to ride the snowmobile!

Oh, there's some crazies out in this wind and snow...riding up and down the road!

Yes, ma'am, I still have the Christmas stuff looks great in the snow!  (What?  You don't still have yours up?  What's the matter?!)

I think I should do some cookin' and then head up to the sewing room, it looks like a great day for sorting...but really, I'd rather be under a quilt, just reading!

How is the weather where YOU live?


Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Much of the same here in Maine minus the winds. My fingers are crossed that the power stays on as well... Old farmhouses tend to get cold really fast with out power.
stay warm

Tractor Mom said...

Cold, wet, and windy, but no snow....

Mel said...

We are in the midst of the starom here in NNY also. As I sit at my computer, I hear the winds blowings, I feel the draft coming through the window beside me and pray, Dear God... You know my weaknesses and one of them being; "I do not like to be cold..." so please, protect us from losing our power (heat)and all my blog friends as well.

Here's to staying warm ans safe inside our homes all across the country.


TNwoman said...

Oh, I hope you don't lose power and can stay safe and warm. Here in Northwest Florida it is 41 this morning but, the temp is going to drop as the day goes on. Nothing like your having though. Have a blessed day.

Laura said...

We didn't get quite as much as was pedicted here in St. Clair County (MI), but it's still snowy and blowy out there. My husband has to head out soon. We may have our own business, but it doesn't mean he can take a day off.
My son had to be at work today. It took him twice as long to get there, but made it safely. He even texted to let me know, even though he doesn't understand why I worry since he's a grown man of almost 22. I tell him that I'll always be a mom though.
Hope everyone stays safe out there!

Aspiemom said...

That picture of your porch with the snow around it is just beautiful! Enjoy staying in your cozy home.

lil red hen said...

We were about 50 miles south of the snow and ice in our state, but we did have cold rain and fierce winds. I always feel so sorry for the cattle and we try to feed extra hay for them. I could feel cold air around our windows too, but in my prayers I thanked God for a warm house.

Cher' Shots said...

I live in Upper Michigan and this particular storm missed our area! It's cold but only very light snow this time around. I was raised in an old farmhouse with only floor registers for upstairs head. Brrr is right! But I really slept well in that environment.
'hugs from afar'

Cher' Shots said...

oops, I meant 'upstairs HEAT'

Amy said...

LOVE your snow pictures! Cold here too, but no snow. Boo!!The porch picture and first picture of your red car and absolutely gorgeous. Stay warm!

Debbie said...

We got plenty of snow here in the Heart of Illinois. At least I think so, being from Texas! :D
Found your blog through Aunt Ruthie and am a new follower. I really enjoyed your photos and comments. Stay warm and dry!

Tanya said...

Hi Joni,
Here in Eastern Kansas we got about what you got!Looks very familar! Very sunny today but cold cold cold. The fire is roaring, broccoli cheese soup for lunch, snuggled in. I'm glad we didn't get the ice that some are. I hate the thought of losing power. No school for 2 days and waiting to hear about Thursday.
Getting a LITTLE done at home but relaxing is working for me too!
Warm hugs,

Eileen @ My Evergreen Place said...

Sunny, breezy and 62 degrees in Northern California!

Stay warm and cozy!

aimee said...
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aimee said...

Sunny and warm enough for jogging pants and a sweatshirt.
I hope your power stays on!! Stay safe and warm!
LOVE your porch photo--I still have my Christmas wreath up:)

mary your sis said...

I think I'll pull out my Laura Ingalls Wilder Books and read for awhile tonight. Hey. I just had a funny thought. Looking at your four wheel drive I was thinking wouldn't you laugh till you cried to see fat ol' Al Gore in a Honda Prius trying to drive down one of your country roads in all this man-made warm weather, eh?

Mary said...

Our weather is pretty mild compared to most everywhere else, Joni. But still - for Tennessee - we've had more snow than normal.

And I also love your porch photos. I'll be writing you to see if I might share it on our porch site. We luv luv luv your porch and home. Hugs...Mary