Thursday, September 23, 2010

September's Gifts...

September Sunrise
The fog in line with the rays of the sun
in the field across from our house.

September, so far has been delightful.

August, with brutally dry and unrelenting heat just wore everything out.

September came in gentle and sweet, and brought cool breezes.

She's perfectly balanced the cool, breezy sunny days with the much needed days that are perfect to snuggle in: windy rainy days.

She's so moderate that the furnace stays off and so does the central air.

She has allowed days that are pleasantly cool with the windows open --yet the oven can be left on with no problem.

Her paintbrush is just beginning to touch the sides and the tops of the trees, showing the start of the artwork that October will finish.

She has turned all the farm fields golden, even though her rains urged the grass once again to be a rich green.

She laughs and tells us to enjoy this beautiful soft carpet, before the drab brown winter rug is thrown down.

She brings us apples, cider, donuts,stews, soups, cobblers and pies, football and bonfires.

She makes the most beautiful shade of blue to wrap it all up inand puffs out her cheeks to decorate above us with gigantic clouds.

She's perfect. She's fall.

How's the weather where YOU are?