Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pine Hollow Lodge: A Rustic Front Porch

It sits by a bubbling creek, in the piney woods of Michigan's northern lower peninsula.

It's a peaceful little spot...with soft, pine-scented breezes to sniff.

And my sis is kind enough to share her home with me when we are in that "neck of the woods"... it shore is nice 'o her...and we enjoy every minute we spend there, back in the woods.

And, we watch for bears if we come back late at night.

Oh, yes, we do!

(Did I ever tell you about the time my sister and I were coming back late at night from a family reunion and we had to stop...quickly... in the middle of the highway because there was a GIGANTIC black bear standing in the road looking at us?

Now that will wake a person up and stop the sister-chatter real, real, real quick! Lordy, my heart beat fast for about an hour after that!)

I was so glad that we didn't HIT the bear with the car, because we were in no-man's land and neither her nor I were packin' might have gotten ugly. ;-)

But back to this charming porch...

Here's a closer look at the porch railing Mary let nature design...and black-eyed Susans are the perfect accent to the wood, and they peek through and smile at you through the branches.

Have a seat, let's rock on the porch awhile, shall we?

What shall we talk about?

Do you like to fish?

Minnow buckets share a spot on the twig table with an asparagus fern planted in a chubby red ceramic planter.

And this twig table shares the spotlight with a river rock and another galvanized minnow bucket and a geranium.

Don't you just love the way a rusty old "Greyhound" wagon looks right at home holding the flowers?

I have more to show you in another post of the upstairs at Pine Hollow Lodge: a beachy bedroom, and more!

~I hope you come back to visit again soon~


Mari said...

I would love to sit and chat out on that porch!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I certainly enjoyed this visit.

BittersweetPunkin said...

It certainly is lovely :)

I am glad you were in a car when you encountered the bear...and not on foot!

Carol said...

Terrific railing! What a lovely restful and relaxing place to reconnect.

Cindy said...

What a peaceful just sit..and pray..and just absorb God's beauty in the woods!!Thank you for sharing this..and thanks to your sister!
I see you are a new in my neighborhood of friends.Sorry you caught me at my lowest yesterday.Some times you just have to be real..lolI am feeling a little better..God is showing me a path..and now it's time to get moving on more whoa is me!!

We too support the Tea parties!!It seems we have a lot in common!Looking forward to visiting you more.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Elenka said...

Some things are just so peaceful and nice. This is one of them.

Renata said...

They are just beautiful photos - I would love to visit on that porch chair!