Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Wedding to Love...

The bride's bouquet...just beautiful, a collection of garden flowers...

This bouquet was a bridesmaid's, held here by my sister, who made all of the flower arrangements.

Last Saturday afternoon was a beautiful wedding...of my sister's oldest daughter, Melissa to her fiance Benjamin.

My sister has spent her whole adult life "doing weddings" as a florist, but this wedding was for her own baby girl, and she, of course, did the flowers for this one, too. This extra special one was a beautiful gift, covered in flowers, for Melissa. Here she is holding a bridesmaid's arrangement, with all the beautiful garden flowers Melissa chose.

I wanted to capture for you some of the beautiful details of the day, knowing how much you all enjoy beautiful things: for this was a beautifully detailed wedding. The gown was bought and then embellished by my sister, this just is one of the details she added.

And then this, the skirt and train, all embellished with ribbon roses that trailed from the skirt onto the train, again all added by my sister.

And for a hairpiece, Melissa wore another creation to match the one on her dress. The flower girl, Emma is wearing a dress made by my mom. She looks like a princess!

Here's little Luke, the ring bearer, wearing his little linen suit and the knickers that my mom made. I love the collar on his shirt.

Luke learns all about his job and what the pillow is for.
(And isn't Luke's mama the cutest vintage gal you ever did see?)

And the littlest flower girl, Layla...a tiny little girl, all sweet in her little pink dress.

Weddings are one of the nicest things about summer!
Don't you think so, too?

The bride and her maid of honor, her sister, Stephanie.

And with a bridesmaid, her sister, Amy.

And with her hard-working mom, my sister, Pam.

All together!

Melissa, my mom and my sister.

Melissa and her bridesmaid, and lifelong friend, Leah.

Three beautiful sisters.

Daddy sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

The whole family shares a sweet and sentimental moment.

Look at Dad's smile!

The big moment...the one that formed lumps in many throats as they watched the bride and her father come up the aisle.

The groom's father officiated the wedding.
What a special memory for the couple to keep!

Mr. and Mrs.!

The bride's parents...

And the groom's parents...

It had rained a little before and during the ceremony, but when we exited the church after the ceremony, the sun was shining and the sky was blue!

Just married!

The fresh table arrangements were gorgeous, each unique, no two alike. Each table was anchored with the large bouquet, but also included a small live arrangement at each place setting (pictured here in the foreground) for guests to take home.

In it was a card with the bride and groom's new address and a thank you on back.
It was all so beautiful!

My sister's talents were on display everywhere, and after a lifetime of weddings, I'm sure as a florist, this is the highlight of her whole career!

A matted photo all the wedding guests were asked to sign...

Engagement photos and keepsake table.

I hope you enjoyed looking in on a beautiful summer wedding.
The family all wishes the bride and groom the very best
as he continues to finish seminary and
they begin their new life together.

Congratulations, Melissa and Benjamin!


Courtney said...

These pictures brought a litte tear to my beautiful. Weddings sure are incredible things- the beginning of one's whole life and all that comes with...

Thanks so much for sharing. Best wishes to the happy couple for a lovely and long life together!

noble pig said...

Wow, congrats to the happy couple...beautiful!!

Elenka said...

What a lovely wedding! I love the photo called Mr and Mrs. Even tho the groom is half cut off, I think it really captures the happiness of both of them.
Lovely. Lovely.

jAne said...

what a beautiful and colorful wedding! the bride's dress is incredible - love how it was embellished!!! every detail - magnificient.

thank you for sharing. :o)


Jenny said...

Oh my! What a beautiful wedding! The flowers are just perfect and the bride is stunning! Looks like a wonderful day for them, and taking off in that car - lucky ducks!!

Dolly said...

I got goose bumps!
And the icing on the cake for me was them driving off in a mustang! I have a love for mustangs! My first car was a mustang and my heart still yearns to own another vintage mustang!
Very beautiful! Best wishes to the beautiful bride and groom!