Thursday, August 5, 2010


My house smells like burnt bacon,
I need to clean my purse,
My closet is a shambles,
The garage? It's even worse!

The spots that dot my carpet,
Oh, I blame them on the pets,
I've got weeds to spare,
They're the tallest thing
In that garden over there!

The deck it needs a stainin'
And my back it's been a painin'
So I'll add those jobs, too,
To a long, long list of "THINGS TO DO"!

The laundry room is drownin',
Can't open that door for frownin',
Clothes and stuff strewn everywhere,
It makes me want to growl like a bear!

And then there's the
Nightmare up the stairs,
Please don't venture there,
You'll never get over the scares!

The driveway ashphalt's crackin',
The old brick sidewalk is lackin',
The trees they need a trimmin',
Can you tell my mind is brimmin'?

The roof has seen its better days,
The windows they have, too.
I need to call a roofer,
Do you know a glazier, too?

You might think --if you just go by
The pictures blogged that catch your eye--
That my life is nearly perfect,
My apron's always donned,
A yummy dinner's always done,
But that would be a myth,
...and not the only one!

You see, a blog can give credit
To show all the "pretty" things one might do,
But you should know
I'm just the same--even worse--as you!

(WORSE! Did I mention my PURSE?!)

It's all about the edit...
The camera gets the credit...
My life is not just what you see here...
Now...I want you to know...
I can be a PIG!
(Is that CLEAR?)

Penned by
your friend
who oinks--


mary your sis said...

Oink, oink, oink!
I'm a piggy pig too,
but can't make up a
rhyme like you!

Oh, wait: i just did!

Tanya said...

You are a breath of fresh air!!! You make me smile and giggle!!
I love it! Keep it up!!

aimee said...

Great post!! I SO understand and identify with you on the camera edit and unfinished chores:) Last night I worked all night through to get the house ready for company today!!! Now I just need about 2 weeks more of doing that when they leave to finish up! LOL:)
Good luck and TY for the laughs!
Blessings, Aimee

Kathie Truitt said...

You wrote that?? Awesome!

Jamie B said...

That's my piggy! :)