Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Hear Them Calling....

Michigan can be a gritty place...
she's got an industrial base that's crumbling and rusting right before our very eyes.

Hard times are here, and have been here longer than almost anyplace in the U.S.
People are leaving to find work elsewhere, just leaving their homes and going.
Housing is cheap.

But Michigan does have her perks.

Did you know that Michigan is blessed with hundreds and hundreds of miles of shoreline?
And that each of her Great Lakes are unique?
The Lake Huron has rocky shores.
The Lake Superior has shores that vary and even contains canyons, mountains?
That Superior is cold, very deep, very unforgiving in the storms?
Lake Michigan has beautiful waters that are turquoise blue, and sandy beaches, huge dunes of sand? And fishing villages everywhere?

Well, now you know.
There are resorts galore, cabins galore, camping everywhere. Anyone in Michigan is with a couple hours of oceans of fun...only it's freshwater lakes.

These lakes call out to me.
I need to answer, soon.


Jeanette said...

Wonderful post! I feel blessed to live in a state with so many wonderful places to visit, north, south, east and west. Heading to Saugatuck and South Haven in a few weeks and Charlevoix and Petoskey after that! And up to the UP in early September! Can't wait to see the sunset on Lake Michigan!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Doggone, every time I see pics
of Michigan, I get homesick!
It miss the beauty of it all,
thanks for sharing...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Laura said...

Love this post! I love living in Michigan. I think it's coming back, slow but sure. Our business is plugging along, waiting for construction to come back.
My husband and I just came back from a conference in Minnesota and drove home through the U.P., taking our time. Loved it!

Farmhouse Country said...

Joni, Your shoreline looks beautiful. I have never been to any of the great lakes before.....but my husband would sure love to fish those lakes! It's funny, we are surrounded by bays and oceans but freshwater fishing is his hobby. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us...and yes one of these days you will have to come to my neck of the woods for crab legs, I would love it!
Take care,

Rosemary said...

My daughter did an internship at Sleeping Bear Dunes a few years ago. Thats when I realized just what a special place Michigan is. Thanks for sharing your lovely state with the rest of us.

basketsbyrose said...

Michigan has a lot to offer, all you have to do is look! From water fun, to winter fun, we have it all! Enjoy it!

mary your sis said...

You're right, each lake is different and beautiful in it's own special way. Lake Superior is icy cold and haunting, especially the shipwreck museum and the sinking of the "Edmond Fitzgerald" exhibit. Huron is pretty near Mackinac Island, but my favorite is the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, where the sunsets are bee-you-ty-ful! Last week I got to play in Lake Michigan on three different days; yooohooo! It was the warmest I remember it being for a long time and we played frisbee in it for hours and got burnt, but it was worth it! The last day there were big waves: what fun! It was fun to watch the car ferry cross through the channel from Ludington on it's way to Manitowac, WI! Remember our one trip on the ferry when we were kids?

Faith said...

You forgot one of the Lakes..Lake Erie is also one of the Great Lakes. Spans along the Northcoast of Ohio from West to East