Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Malaise: Lazy, Hazy Brain

When it gets all hot and muggy like this my brain goes all fuzzy on me.

(Oh, I'm curious: does the whole country say "muggy" or is it just us Midwesterners who replaced "humid" with "muggy"?)

I just want to sit and be lazy and good for nothing.
(But I can't.)

SO, to further frustrate myself, I is start a lot of things, and finish almost nothing.
(Does that ever happen to you?)

I am unsettled.
(There's so much to do, catch up on, but I DON'T WANNA!!!)

I think it just might be why people run away and go to the beach.

So... I'm going to tell you what's going on in my world today.

I got up.

I showered.
(I need a haircut: muggy does NOTHING for coarse, curly hair.)

I started to dust the furniture.
(It's overwhelming, not having been done for two months now!)

I did some laundry, hung it on the line.
(That's good...all good.)

I ate.

I talked to three friends and my son, on the phone.
(My ear got really hot.)

And then I deleted Chinese spammer comments.
(I know you envy me!)

I just kicked myself in the seat of the pants.
(I mean shorts.)

Pulled myself up by the bootstraps.
(Oh, wait, I'm wearing flip flops!)

Hoping the rest of the day is better.
(How's your lazy, hazy day going?)



Eileen@My Evergreen Place said...

I grew up in New England and we always said muggy. :0) Out west here, we are going to reach 105 today. NOT my favorite kind of weather!!!

Faith said...

I am not a summertime person, nor a wintertime person...I don't like
"muggy" I'm from Ohio. I am just biding my time waiting for Fall, Now that is my time of year, probably my very most favorite. This weather makes me feel like a dishrag..and my "natural" perm comes to life in the "muggy", which is all good. But me, I'm waiting for pumpkin/scarcrow time...for now all the beach bums,and golfers are having their moments of happiness....but mine is on the way.......:)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

...sounds like a unique day to embrace. Don't know about others whether from Texas or Georgia, but I love the word sultry to describe humid weather:-)

basketsbyrose said...

Your day sounds like mine! Looking forward to a little cool weather soon!

Dar said...

Boy, did you hit my yesterday on the nose., and still not over it, I took a nap today. It's been awhile.
Muggy, humid, miserable, clammy, damp, sultry, whatever we call it, it doesn't change the feeling we get along with it. It's time to jump in the pool to cool,.but, oh, we did not even get that done yet.
BlessYourHeart and StayCool

Elenka said...

Story of my life, staring many things....
And I don't even do that, when it's sooo hot.
No airconditioning in Maine...

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Northwestern Pennsylvania - we say muggy although the weatherman says humid. Whatever it is, it's been miserable.....

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

i so get this post! i even slept in till 8:30 today. typing this in my robe with an unmade bed sitting to be made behind me. coffee is luke warm...need a shower...but heck, blogging needs attention as i am so far behind.

it is ok to talk till your ear is hot. did your hand go numb, too?

we say muggy here in cali. and yes, despite what some think, we really do have some muggy days here as well, especially near the coast.

relax and enjoy these summer days as fall is soon approaching.


Donna said...

I'm having the same trouble with getting inspired with the heat and humidity (aka, mugginess). And would you believe that I am still getting the stupid Chinese spammers even after I put on word verification. Geesh!