Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Accidents

We had quite the storm yesterday in the late afternoon. We should have known, it was so muggy it was inevitable. It was a short, but powerful storm.

It knocked out our power, as well as that of one neighbor...I think we'll be low on the priority list for repairs, so we are still without power.

When he arrived home from work, hubby got out our generator that hadn't been used in years; we had it made because a couple years ago we hired an electrician to put a plug directly into our breaker box to use the generator to power up the whole house....and for our first time to be able to use it ....

The generator at first refused to start, then once started, refused to keep running.

So, it was a L-O-N-G night...this morning hubby went to work (he's a hardware man) and brought back another generator so I can use the basics...right now I'm waiting for the water heater to have enough time to warm some water for a shower.

...Back to happy accidents.

With no power, I got my camera out and played with it, for one thing I had some vintage items that needed to be posed and shot outdoors, so I got that done during the daylight. While my telephoto lens was still on the body of the camera, I used it--especially for this wonderful sunset the followed the storm.

While I was shooting (on my belly, on the wet grass), the dog ambled through.

And my happy accident is a lovely silhouette shot...I was excited!

There's always something good to find in life's little trials, right?


Faith said...

It is a lovely couldn't have planned it to turn out that happy hapenstance
happened..I hope it is cooler for you today. We were "suppose" to have some storms here in NE Ohio,we didn't get any rain or anything the "weatherman" ahem! predicted...but it is not as hot as it was supposed to be, today only 80. They are forcasting 90's all next week..hope they are wrong. You are lucky to have a generator..I would like to get one..finances are not good, and we like everybody else are falling behind on what we worked so hard to catch DH found a p/t job, and is looking for another one in addition..and me
I am looking for something with more hours...scary time for many..A a good idea
and I hope that someday we can get one..thanks for sharing the picture
of the pooch sillouet....

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

i just love it that you found beauty through your lens and that you saw the good that came from the not so good. gorgeous photos!!!

sending you a hug,

katlupe said...

I love your blog it is always so soothing to see your photos! I just wrote my blog about power outages yesterday.........and you were having one.

Jeanette said...

That was quite a storm last night! We were sitting in a restaurant and the power went out! I was taking pictures of the sky at sunset, too. It was gorgeous!

Grandma Becky said...

love the photos, especially the one with the dog!